Thursday, July 26, 2007


Um do you ever get an idea in your head of something that you really want, but then have trouble finding it? Well I do...all the time actually. I will think of some color of article of clothing or a certain style of picture frame or something random, and then search and search hoping to find it, never knowing if that thing actually exists or not. Ok well I need your help.

I have recently decided that I really want a plum colored dress. Don't ask me just kind of popped into my head. So if you see one, or know where I might find one---let me know. I will love you forever. And yes I do realize I am pathetic.


  1. I was having the same dilemma...that is until you found me that darling bedding for the baby!! It's perfect... and I think i'm going to get it!! Tee hee!

  2. I suppose you don't want one too fancy? j Crew has one in "spiced wine" called doll dress, but it is really meant for a wedding and is $250!

  3. Hi mom showed me your blog the other day--so hi, you have a new reader!
    Anyway, yesterday we were at the mall and we walked by the Lucky store and there was a mannequin with a plum colored dress on and we both stopped and were like "hmm...Danielle?"
    It was funny because neither of us knew if the other would know what we were talking about but we had in fact both had read this. Haha
    (although I'm guessing it's not what you'd be looking for, it's just a little short tank top dress thing, but we still thought of you!)

  4. Try Boden. I just got the catalog today and it seems to me that there was something that color in there.


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