Wednesday, August 8, 2007

three things

Ok I lied about my blogging break...what can I say--I am addicted. I just wanted to share a few things really quick

#1 My phone which has been on the fritz for about a month, had officially died. And since I have been working nights ever since we got back from our trip so I haven't had a chance to get a new one (plus I hate buying cell phones...bleh!). So if you happen to be trying to get a hold of me, I am not ignoring you, and will be back in communication soon!

#2 Ok so I eluded to my fabulous antiquing trip while in Seattle but I want to expand...a little. So my mother in law suggested that while everyone else was a pre-wedding golf tourny, we (and my sister in law Jane too) visit the delightful town outside Seattle called Snohomish. It was just perfect. This darling town, right by the river, pretty sunny day, lunch in a cute get the picture. Anyway, Look what I found:

This super cute antique baby dress. No I am not pregnant. But I love this. I mean I LOVE THIS. In fact it has the same feel of the dress I started sewing at Christmas (which would be done if I knew how to put a zipper in. argh) So I knew it had to be mine. I'll figure out a way to use it.

And since I love milk glass I got this little dish (oh and a little matching cup). I am not sure what I will use it for, but I was drawn to I got it...which what antiquing is all about I am pretty sure.

#3 Ok this one is random...I mean really random. So you might not know this about me but I like to sing. I mean not really in front of people, but when I was younger I was alway singing while playing softball, volleyball, driving my car, in class...that sort of thing. I know weird, but I always have a song in my head...always. Well I also like to sing in elevators. Loud. So sometimes the elevator doors open unexpectedly and I am pretty sure that the person getting on heard me, and I feel a little awkward. So this morning as I was coming home from the night shift I thought ( I have weird thoughts after staying up all night), "so what, who cares if someone hears I sing in elevators, there are worse things, and if I heard someone singing in the elevator I would think it was funny." So there you go. Sing in elevators. Sing wherever you want. Because singing is good. Just don't toot in elevators cause that is just gross.


  1. You are funny. I would love to hear you sing in an elevator!

  2. What a sweet dress. I love it. And way to go for singing in elevators. Maybe I will try it sometime!

  3. Well I was going to call you today but seeing as you are out of communication I guess I'll wait till you can call me! But on the upside you will probably get a cooler phone then you had! Ever since my nann-emergency phone I love high tech cell phones and want to own one someday, just cause they do cool things! Like the iphone...want that! So hopefully you get to get an updated phone, right?

    UM...darling baby dress! I want to go antiquing with you in Seattle or where ever you went. You are the perfect person to go with because you would surely see cool things that I would probably overlook! Let's do it someday!

    I did know you liked to sing...I'll catch you singing softly sometimes to yourself...i love it... but I didn't know you sang in elevators! That's pretty funny and I say belt it out! It's just going to put a smile on the face that hears you! That's not such a bad thing!

  4. I love that baby dress! I am such a fan of antique little girls' dresses. Halle was blessed in one that my Grandma gave to me. So sweet! I admit to singing at the top of my lungs in my car, but elevators...I've never tried that one. It's like you said though, if I heard you singing like that in an elevator I would smile, laugh, and it would pretty much make my day. Maybe you are spreading smiles by your singing.

  5. Hi Danielle, I'm wondering how you feel about your bangs now. I'm feeling ready for a new style, and contemplating bangs after seeing your new 'do. I haven't had bangs in YEARS, so I'm wondering if they are too high maintenance or stick to your forehead in summer heat!


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