Monday, December 10, 2007

my buddy and me

Since finding out we are having a girl last week, I feel like my little buddy and me have gotten to be the best of friends. It's amazing how that happens. For one thing, she has decided to stop making me throw up all day long, which really goes a long way towards building camaraderie. And I just feel like I am really starting to get to know her too. Like after seeing her little mouth open and shut and open and shut, over and over again on the ultra sound...I figure, she must have a lot to say--and as her mother (what me?), I feel like I owe it to her to listen. Like on Saturday when she just had to have onion rings and a hamburger for lunch-- I know because she told me in our own secret language. It goes like this,

Me: "Hmmm?...I wonder if we should go out to lunch and get onion rings?"
And then she says: "Nudge, nudge." Which means, "Onion rings? yes please!"

And luckily she felt the same way about going to the fabric store, which is good, and means she takes after me, because her dad won't get within 50 feet of one if he has a choice. But since it was two against one, he couldn't argue. (Luckily she approved of my selection for her soon-to-be quilt.) Also, I feel like I am picking up little things about her personality. Like she is very creative. I know because even when her dad said, "Crafts just equal messes and pins in the carpet for me to step on," she just went ahead and said, "nudge, nudge, nudge" ( which means, "I love it mom, I can't wait till I am big enough to grab those sparkly things off and chew on them"), the whole time I was making this cute ornament.

I can say it's cute because I just copied someone else's pattern (click here to get it if you want to make one too). Otherwise I wouldn't be so vain. I wouldn't want my little buddy to be disappointed in me...she is very humble. So humble in fact, that when the ultrasound tech was trying to get a look at her face, she kept ducking and covering it with her little hand. She is very modest about her beauty. We are going to try again today though. I told her that she has to get used it sometime, because as the first grandchild she has a big responsibility to get her picture taken...a lot. I think she'll cooperate though, because she is very patient (she must be--she had to wait four whole years to get here). She gets that from her dad. I hope she gets his cute lips too.

I can't wait to see all the other fun things I'll get to learn about my little buddy over the next 20 weeks. But she'll have to stay, "my buddy", at least for a little while longer, because as much as I feel like I am getting to know her, I still don't know her well enough to give her a name. And that is one thing we better get right or else she'll end up being eight years old and wanting to change it to Olivia or something. Who does that?

ps. I really like my name now mom. It was just a phase.


  1. I can't wait to meet her! And that ornament, very cute!

  2. so do you remember the commercials for the life-size doll boy "My Buddy"? There was a girl doll too, called "Kid Sister," but I guess your baby is not a kid sister, now is she? But that's what your title reminded me of (maybe that was the idea of the title). Anyway, she sounds like quite the character--and I'm glad you have bonded and made an agreement about not vomitting anymore.

  3. i think you better just name her olivia. and i'll call her livvy and she will love me.

  4. I adore this post, Danielle! That is so fun that you are bonding. I am looking forward to that. Right now my baby is the size of a lentil so we haven't really bonded emotionally yet. But he/she also hasn't made me too sick yet, so there is hope. :-)

  5. it just gets better and better. my almost-three-year-old refers to us as "we two buddies, me and mommy" and it just melts my heart. i love having a little girl to do girly things with. she wants to "paint my toes all pretty!" and do crafts (she loves glue) and she LOVES shopping. it's just so fun having a tiny little friend that you can play with all the time and dress up in all the adorable clothes that you wish they made in big-people sizes! and the hair accessories! so fun. love them.

    i'm so excited for you to be having this little girl! little girls rock. (but so do little boys. in fact, my daughter told me today she wanted to be a boy until i reminded her that only girls can be princesses.)

  6. So, with Katrina feeling the baby, I was thinking back to this post, so I hunted for it. I needed to find it so I could nominate it for the *Cutest Post EVER!* award. It really was so fantastic. We are excited to experience our baby as more of a personality! :-)

    And hopefully you have comment notification so this won't be lost forever...


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