Thursday, January 10, 2008

So full of myself

(this photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I just hate when a post has no photo with enjoy this beauty of me at Sea World last year, with the two bird fellows).

So here are the things I am thinking about today, for your reading pleasure, because I have nobody to talk to at the moment. Sorry.

Things I don't understand:
People who list sell stuff on craigslist for $1. Is it really worth the effort to have some stranger show up at your door to pay you $1 for some old baby food in your cupboard?
How anyone tolerates listening to Rush Limbaugh. I am as big a fan of A.M. talk radio as the next guy, but come on...that guy is so arrogantly annoying.

Things that due to the circumstances of my pregnancy, I will never be able to eat/smell again: Hot Pockets
Salt Lake
The WEIRD, but previously not quite as offensive, smell in our apartment
Vegetable soup
Heavily herbed meats (Trav was in a Jamie Oliver roasting phase during the height of my nausea)

Things I am sick of:
Snow (yeah bah humbug...I can't ski this year)
Our apartment
The one pair of shoes that are comfy on my fat feet
The colors/look of my blog (but am way to lazy to change)
Myself (but more specifically my hair)

Things I am grateful for (because Oprah says I should, and because I am feeling mildly grouchy at the moment):
Obviously the babe in my belly
Clearance sales at
Text messaging, without which I would have had no contact with my very busy husband who is attending boring lawyer meetings in San Diego, this very minute.
San Diego...Maybe someday I will get to go there too.
My new desk (wow I am so materialistic)
The generosity of my family...extended and otherwise
The fact that people put up with me when I am not very fun/interesting

Things that are underrated (is that one word?)
Navy Blue
Hospital Cafeteria least the one I work at. Hey it's cheap and I didn't have to cook it, and if you put your all into it, and never give up, you can fit a lot of salad items into the tiny bowl for $1.25.

PS. Juno is a really good movie, yet left me feeling oddly sad.


  1. I liked this post! I'm typing w/ 1 hand so this comment isn't going to be very long...I have been so curious about Juno. Mark has too...probably because it's about naturally we want to see it...but I know we'll leave the movie thinking...that's not how adoptions happen...but maybe it will surprise me. I'm curios to know why it left you sad...sad for the birth mother? because I think that might make me teary. I have a soft spot for all women who place.

    ok i have to be done, i'm bouncing on the ball, holding charlie's bink in and about multi-tasking!

  2. I liked this post too! I really want to see Juno, but haven't decided if I'll wait for the dvd or not. I'm glad it's doing so well.

    I laughed that Salt Lake was on your list of aversions.

    Also, now that we are real friends with each other's phone numbers, feel free to call me up to chat sometime. :-)

  3. Yeah, I was either laughing or crying through Juno. I just can't imagine going through all of these months, all that labor, and then just being...done. And you're just supposed to go back to real life. But at the same time, it was such an amazing gift she was able to give someone, and her life was likely so much for the better in the end. It's a movie that reconfirmed for me that sometimes that sad thing is the right thing and ultimately the thing that will bring most happiness, which doesn't mean it isn't terribly hard.

  4. "The fact that people like me even though I am not fun/interesting?!?!?!"
    Are you are hilarious! I think you are the most entertaining during the morning hours (preferably after a late night). hehe...
    Love you.

  5. I thought Juno was great too. We went to see it New Year's Eve and had a blast.

    Why no skiing? Because you are with child? I say ski away! My best friend (who is also a 4th year med student, so well-versed in pregnancy stuff) is due with #1 March 6th and she's still xc skiing and loving it. She says it makes her feel alive.

  6. You are hilarious. Navy blue, huh? I am definitely one of those people who under-rate navy blue. Maybe you should tell me about its good qualities and I will change my mind. Anyway, if you got your hair done in Provo you are so busted because I didn't even get to see you! ;)

  7. HEY!!! I love seeing you again! I am sooo excited for you!! I LOVE BABIES!! (you probably knew that!) I have been wondering how you are doing. I loved going through and reading your posts. I love that dave mathews band music totally makes me think of you. Congrats again. Maybe your baby and my baby could date!! :-)


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