Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It occurs to me that I have not mentioned that I quit my job recently. I'll spare you the boring details, but let me just say that I had a few rough days that were so busy and hectic that I didn't get a bite of food or moment off my feet for a solid 8 hours. And I'm not exaggerating. So between that, and the gown/glove/baby-warming-heat-light induced dizziness, I figured it was time to throw in the towel, with the promise that I can come back after I've had my baby if I want too. We'll see. ( I guess that was actually a lot of details).

Anyway, I was sort of unprepared for the little void that was left in my life. Don't get me wrong, I am not really missing work so much as missing feeling like I've accomplished something (although I do miss the babies...but that will be remedied soon!). And I have Plenty of things that I should be doing, or could be the dozen half-started baby projects I have going. But I need a break even from that sometimes.

So I have been kicking around this idea of starting a little (very little) crafting business. Business doesn't even seem like the right word because it immediately makes it seem like not fun. Let's just say, I love sewing and it would be fun to see if I really could make something that other people would actually want to buy. Plus I would feel justified in hanging out in my craft room all day. There.

So I was thinking that I would sell these onesies that I have been making here and there for a while, possibly on ETSY, or something. Here are a few of the one's I have done lately ( I am wishing that I had taken pictures of some that I have given away...oh well, you get the point):

So my question for you is: What do you think would be a good price for these? And do you have a brand of onesie that you just love? Since my baby is not actually born yet, I am still discovering these things. I have sort of figured out that the Gerber ones run really small. Also, how do you feel about long sleeves? Do you actually ever buy things like this from places like ETSY or would it be better to do some other way?

And in thanks for your comments, I think I will give a onesie away to a random commenter...on Monday (that seems to be the thing to do in blog world). I hope that's incentive for your much appreciated advice.

OK, Well that is that. Wish me luck.


  1. I hope this doesn't freak you out since I don't know you but I really enjoy your blog and I'm sure I know someone you know.

    I also sell baby wares on ETSY and love it. I think your onesies are adorable and think you should sell them for $15 - $20 each. That seems to be the going rate for decorated onesies on ETSY. Yours are fabulous. ETSY is easy and cheap to get into. Ooh, I especially love the whale. If you have questions, feel free to email me.

  2. I had no idea you were a seamstress! You are amazing! The sets are adorable too that coordinate. I would maybe think about doing a set of 3 coordinating prints/fabrics and do the set for $30 or so. Although, depending on where you sell them, you could prob get a lot more. Super cute! Oh, my fav is the pink paisley!

  3. ok, I lied :) My fav is the elephant! I just looked again and the little tail and everything is just adorable!

  4. I am so excited for you and your new adventures. And I think you starting your own "business" is brilliant! I love your little onesies and can't wait to see a whole line of them! How fun!
    Although I don't know anything about ETSY selling I do know a little about onesies. I love both long and short sleeve onesies (just make sure the length on the long sleeve onesies isn't super short as sometimes they seem to run kinda short). The onesies I don't love so much are the ones that flap at the shoulders (I know those are the ones that you have used and by saying this doesn't mean I don't think your onesies aren't cute because obviously they are, it is just a personal preference). The ones that flap over seem to get stretched out easier (probably because Emma likes to put stuff down her shirt so she is constantly pulling on her onesies and stretching them out)I like the ones that use a snap or button by the neck. Those seem to fit better on Emma too.
    Also, Gerber seem kinda thin to me and I like a thicker cotton. But I am not sure of any other brand that you can buy in bulk as much as you can with Gerber. And Gerbers seem to wash well. But you are right about the sizes, they are kind of off.
    I will ask around with some friends and see what they think.
    Good Luck!!
    Oh, and PICK ME!!!!!!

  5. I don't know about onsies yet, but I do about elephants, and the elephant one is really cute. I am impressed that you are so into sewing, because I am still trying to get up the..courage or motivation or whatever, to figure out how to use the very OLD sewing maching I inherited from my grandmother--it seriously must be from the first time they had electric machines and it doesn't thread the same way as the ones I learned on. Someday I intend to figure it out and do something with it, though. Maybe one day I can be like you. :)

  6. Well, I love this idea. And I say it's about time! Your so creative and a brilliant seamstress and so eventually you could branch out and sell all sorts of things! You know I'll be a frequent client of yours!

    I actually don't have a clue as to how much these kinds of things sell for. My internet browsing takes me in a direction that rarely includes shopping online. But "the wilcox show" seems to know her stuff! That will be helpful! I think it's good to have a hobby other then your children. Keeps you creative, happy, and even more busy! and busy is good!

  7. Great idea! I would totally buy things you made. They're adorable. I don't have any more first-hand onsie experience than you do, but one of my friends told me that Carter's tend to fit well, though her baby was pretty long, so maybe that's why--Carter's tend to look a lot longer and skinnier than the Gerber's. I wonder if it just depends on the baby.

  8. Oooh, I love those onesies! Selling online is probably easiest, but there are tons of little shops around that take things like this. If you do your research, I bet you can find some cute little consignment shops that would take them.

    As far as my favorite onesies, Carters are the best. They are long which is nice because Claire seems to grow taller more than wider. Also there is a cute little brand that I know is sold at Smiths Marketplace called Kids Korner. These are little bit dressier with cute little puff sleeves and 2 snaps on the shoulder. Claire has white and pink, but they come in all different colors. They wear quite nice and run pretty big. She is almost 10 months and is still wearing her 6 month one!

    I can't wait to meet your little one, she will be so stylish!

  9. Carters for sure! They are thick and cozy and they fit the best in my opinion. The Gerber ones are fine but I think with your sewing on them you would want a sturdier fabric (like Carters). I know you could see them for 20 each but I say sell them for 10-15 b/c I think you will sell a lot more that way.
    Gosh, I feel spoiled that I got two for free! hehee... I AM spoiled and I love it!
    Hey, do you want me to take a pic of the teddy bear one you made me? The other one is the elephant...and you already have a pic of that one...
    Let me know. Can't wait to see more of your crafty creations!

  10. OOohhh... fun. So I'm taking it that you never had a job in the rec management field??? :) That's fun that you quit your job. Now you have time for more important stuff, right? I had my own little quasi business in So Cal. I sold bags for a couple of years but I got so sick of it that I hardly do it anymore unless someone is having a baby. Doing these onesies would be such a great thing for you do to right now though. They are super cute! And I honestly can't remember which onesies I like the best because it's been a while since I've had a little baby. But, I would stay away from the gerber because applique (that's what you're doing with those, right?) probably wouldn't do so well with those. Those are so cute, I especially love the pink one. Probably because I am all boyed out and I want a girl (but she can wait ;)

  11. I am a random blogger :) I agree with Joanie about 10-15. each. You could sell them for 15 and then do a three pack for 30-35. The more you get circulated, the more publicity you'll get. They are really cute,so don't give up!

  12. I forgot to mention that I know Joanie, so don't be totally weirded out :)

  13. I think this is a wonderful idea! You should do it! From what I know, Etsy seems like the easiest place to do it. And I'd say about $20 bucks seems right.

    There are also little local boutique type places that might be interested in selling them. Sorry I don't know any specifics in Salt Lake.

  14. I would say $15-$20 on etsy and then more in a boutique-type shop, maybe $25-30.

    I'm sure you will do fabulously well - they are so cute! Best of luck!

  15. Ooh, I was SO hoping you'd say you were selling your aprons. I'd be an instant customer (hint hint!).

    I think the organic wave is really growing, so I'd suggest you make some organic cotton onesies as well. My friend just had a baby, and it was SO hard to find anything organic that was cute like your designs (which is why I made some for her from your patterns). I know the organic onesies from American Apparel were $14, so I'd charge maybe $23-25 for one with a cute design. I'd say $15 for a non-organic one.

    P.S. Now that my fiance is almost a nurse, I can't imagine how you'd be able to do a shift whilst pregnant. The endless hours on your feet, lack of potty breaks, and little time to eat must be brutal on the pregnant body.

  16. Well, I just think you have a way with colors, designs, decorating, sewing, and all else that you do! I think I'd do $15 a onesie on ETSY. I thought for awhile about doing my own sewing startup. Seems like there is a demand for cute boutique girls' clothing, and it would be fun, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed at how much time I don't have with my three kids! Do something fun like this while you can...for now, mine's just a hobby I do on my own time when I can. Oh, and I prefer the Carter's onsies as well. You can also find brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren at TJMaxx for 3/$8.00. I'd say a pretty good deal! Pick me!...Okay, I don't have a good reason for you to pick me since I sew all the time, but I'm on strike with my sewing machine at the moment, and I want someone else to sew for me! Is that a good reason? No, I suppose not, but hey, it was worth a try!

  17. woah, looks like everybody wants a onsie. long sleeves are really good for when it's cold. it might be good to even make them now cause people like to buy in advance for showers and stuff. anyway i'm forever jealous of your sewing skills.

  18. I don't really know what to say -- I mean, I feel kind of silly after we talked on the phone to say all that stuff again. But I'll repeat this: you are fabulously talented.
    My business advice: don't put any pressure on yourself. Make what you can/want to. Post it. Sell it. Don't let it get stressful. Always remember that you're the boss.
    I'm a disgustingly cheap person, so I don't think I can fairly evaluate price, but I think the folks who commented already have the right idea...and just hop on ETSY and do some price comparisons.
    I pledge to be your best word-of-mouth advertiser :)
    Love you!

  19. I love these and definitely think you should do this. I personally am kind of cheap about this kind of thing (I buy most shower gifts at TJ Maxx) and wouldn't spend more than 15$ myself, but I've seen things like these for sale for more than that. Have you ever been to the art market in Sugar House Park? They have it four times a year, and your stuff would be perfect for there. I'm sure there are other events like that -- some probably closer to your new home.

    Good luck :) I found it really hard being home with my first baby and I know having a creative outlet/small business will help you feel busy and enjoy that time more. This would be ideal, because it would be pretty low-pressure, no?

  20. those are absolutly the cutest things I have EVER seen! You are so crafy - I envy your life!! My favorite brand of onsies are "American Apparel" - if you set up a business and get a wholesale number you can get them for about $3 each. You have to sale those! You could get into some botiques and sell them for good money!! You are amazing! I'm happy you found me.. i tried to stalk you days ago and had no luck! Thanks again for wathing Stella, I owe you big time!!


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