Thursday, May 15, 2008

Three Weeks Old!

Our baby girl is Three weeks old today. I'd thought I'd post a little video...mostly for the Grandparents, because at three weeks old babies don't do much, but I know they still want to see her. She is so funny...She reminds us of a little baby bird because she always has her mouth open when she is awake, and she makes the littlest squaks when she is hungry. We think its pretty cute.

At three weeks old Avery is very good at eating, looking around, and being cuddled.
Her favorite things to do so far are take baths with mom, sleep in the crook of dad's arm, and make funny faces when she is hungry. She is such a sweet baby...still doesn't cry much. And we keep trying on her outfits, hoping she will fit into some of them, but she is still too little. Maybe next week.


  1. Great Auntie LeAnn checks this web site every day and appreciates the videos and pictures A LOT.

  2. Henry and I have now watched this video three times (Henry keeps requesting repeats and I happily oblige.) Then after each viewing he exclaims, "Oh, cute baby Avery! She's soooo cute!" Thanks for giving me some media to help my little boy understand what his little sister's going to be like -- we are SO excited!!
    Avery is so sweet, Danielle. We love her all the way from Texas!

  3. Well lets see....I watched the video about 5 times when I first found it. I watched it two times before I went to my stake primary meeting tonight, just for good measure, and now that I am home I am on my third go around.

    I LOVE every picture and every second of any video. It is VERY HARD to be a long distance Grandma, but the pictures help A LOT! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting them!

  4. Oh, danielle, I wish I could cuddle her!

  5. Been eating up these so sweet pictures and videos!! And been loving all of your brand-new-mother words.

    What a beautiful little babe!!

  6. Danielle she is soo beautiful! I can't believe you have a baby and I love her name.

  7. Katie told me about your blog so I could see her niece. Avery Jane is a beautiful name for an absolutely beautiful little girl! Congratulations!

  8. She is precious. I just want to kiss her sweet little mouth. I guess you can do it for me :)

  9. Thanks for posting the video sweetie. She already looks a little different than the 4/29 video. We went to Shasta this weekend. It was beautiful. I'm going to get a little pediatric wakeboard. It won't be long before Avery is ready. Love, XOXOXOXO Dad

  10. I know! It's so fun to be going through this at exactly the same time. We really should get together sometime.

    Anyway, we've been at the hospital a lot because of Josh's grandpa's open-heart surgery. He keeps having complications, so I do a lot of hanging out in the ICU waiting room.

    I love love love Arrested Development and the British Office. I'm wishing I hadn't watched so many TV shows on DVD before the babe because it's hard to find shows I like as much now.

    As for eating while BF, I honestly haven't modified my diet much (though I need to or I'm never going to lose this baby weight). I've eaten all the things they tell you to be careful of: garlic, dairy, spicy food, etc. So far I haven't noticed any gas . . . maybe Zoe just isn't gassy. I don't know. But I have heard that dairy makes a huge difference for a lot of babies. Sorry I couldn't be more help there.

    Avery is such a doll! Love the video.

  11. i think she gets the open-mouth thing from me ;) you should call her avery bug cause she is catching bugs! ohh, or avery BIRD - even more perfect.

  12. ness- Trav calls her little bird...its pretty cute. Also...that open mouth thing is kind of what I was talking about when I said she makes a face like you, except that is not even the best example...she does it where she opens her eyes really big and does this goofy thing with her lips. Its cute, and reminds me of you.


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