Monday, June 9, 2008

PSA I lost my cell phone. I am fairly sure its in my house somewhere--but I can't find it. And its dead.

So in case you were trying to call me and thought I was being very rude for ignoring you...I'm not.

And now I am going to turn my house upside down to look for it.

Happy Monday.

Um...Ok so I found my was in the pocket of the jacket I was wearing on Friday...and it only took me 3 days to figure that one out.


  1. Tee hee! I loose things in jacket pockets ALL THE TIME! So much so, that now it's the first place I look when I loose something. It's usually there.

    And from the sounds of it, your darling onesie could go both ways (that's what I thought, I'd totally put Charlie in it in a snap!) It's just cute. Problem solved!

    Oh and thanks for the feeding us such a fab dinner and letting us come over for a visit. It was fun, like usual!

  2. I put my cell through the wash. It's finished. Then Kirk's went weird and some buttons don't work. 2 year contract with phones that have 1 year warranty...and we are past the year mark. So, I'm glad to hear you found yours and it was only in need of a re-charge.
    Got Avery's announcement today. Can I just say: Too cute!!! Oh, she is SO darling. I loved the footie picture, too. It really puts her size in perspective!

  3. Darn the cell phone! I promise mine has legs and hides when I'm not looking. I am the perfect girl to commiserate with when you lose your phone.

  4. sorry I woke you and the baby up yesterday! Thanks for letting me use your cutting board!

  5. Thanks again for having us over for dinner and letting us be in the presence of your adorable baby. Jane and I have been coerced into making a blog so now we can leave comments.


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