Monday, June 23, 2008

What I'm doing instead of cleaning

I was itching for a craft project, as I often do at times when I should be doing a hundred other things. But I've had a vision of a bird mobile for Avery floating around in my head for a while, and when the craft mood strikes...there is just no stopping it.

These little birds (plus their friends) are hoping to become a mobile soon.
After trying unsuccessfully to come up with a pattern on my own I found one here... can find anything on the internet!

So Avery has been a happy baby from day one, but for the past few weeks she has been smiling up a storm. I really didn't think that I could enjoy our girl anymore than I already did...but seeing that huge grin--what a feeling! I have been trying so hard to catch her smile on camera, but this is the best I could do.

Also, I thought you should see this photo of her...
because I just have to share the joy of those five---yes five (one is hiding under her sleeve) arm rolls.

I only wish you could squish them...Its hard not to take a bite.

For the record, before Avery was born I was sort of anti headband-thingy on babies,
but now...I am officially converted.
Because come on--How Cute!


  1. Oh, lots of scrumptious arm rolls, a darling head band, row of sweet little birds, and best of all a smile! Made my day to find a new post!

  2. ooosha! Those arm rolls look delicious. She is just such a beautiful, darling baby, Danielle. I wish you could transmit her smell through the blog 'cause I bet it's intoxicating. So happy to find a new post -- baby Avery lights up my world :)

  3. what a sweet little baby! she is just so squeezable!

    and I LOVE those birds! darling! did you make them from a pattern, or out of your own head? we must both have been bitten by the crafty bug yesterday....

  4. teeth were gritted when I saw those FATTIE FAT rolls! I just want to bite on them!
    I am SO jealous that you have a chubby baby. I have had one of those on order now for a long time...but to no avail!
    She is perfect.

  5. Sorry Joanie...It might not be in the cards for you...I'm pretty sure its genetics...just as I have soft flabby, or as my mom calls it "soft" flesh...I also get a squishy baby. You have firm toned smooth you know...

    But you can come squeeze any time your in the neighborhood. ;)

  6. Found the PERFECT bird mobile for you to copy :) I got so excited when I saw it! I thought of you immediately.
    Hope you like it:

  7. are so funny about the "firm flesh" comment. I do have plenty of squish, my dear. We can blame my husband for the lean gene :)

  8. Thanks Joanie...that is actually where I got the pattern...hah. I am really not clever enough to figure it out on my own (I tried).

  9. oh wow. i just sat and stared at her for a few minutes. she couldn't be any cuter. daniellie, i think her eyes are ble-blue. they look just like mine. how did she escape all the dominate traits...

  10. Sheesh she's cute!!! And I was totally anti-head band thingy too... but it looks really cute on her! Your bird mobile is going to be darling and perfect! Can't wait to see the finished product. And I don't mean to make anyone jealous... but I loved snuggling with Avery the other night you guys were over! Thanks for letting me!!! She's the sweetest thing EVER!

  11. You are so talented and creative! I wish we were neighbors so that it would rub off on me. Also, Avery's rolls are too cute for words!

  12. Danielle. Two words. Old Navy.
    (in answer to your question)

  13. Avery is absolutely beautiful! I also used to be very anti headband until I got a little girl without much hair and now I love them.

  14. I'm glad you broke the ice because I admittedly stalk your page every time I check Vanessa's but have never been brave enough to leave a comment :) I love your adorable sewing projects and of course hearing about what its like to be a new mom! I don't know if Vanessa told you but we are planning on naming our little girl Avery too! When you finally annouced the name (I pathetically checked to see before Vanessa could tell me) I laughed because I thought we had very similar taste and that just proved it! Anyway, your Avery is SO cute! Any advice you have is welcome! (Wow, the length of this comment makes up for all the ones I should have been leaving)

  15. Umm so I was was reading your blog, and I feel like it needs more cow bell....umm I meant more Avery pictures. Specifically one with her riding Stuart.

    I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records.

  16. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well


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