Friday, July 11, 2008

on blogging and best friends

Do you know why my friend Kate is the best? Because she does things like come to my house and spend about 6 hours helping me finally download the gift of Photoshop my husband bestowed when our darling babe was born. I may have an irrational fear of software, but that's beside the point. At any rate, she nudged me to do it, and after we finally found disk one (hiding it was!), sat through about two hours of downloading, and then proceeded to show me all her tricks...

Tricks, I might add, that took her hours and hours of work to figure out. She just shared them all, while patiently waiting for me to fumble through (Wait which key do I hit again?), while our babes slept (sort of).

Now that is true generosity.

Plus she didn't even care when I copied her and bought the exact same cardigan, and she even told me I looked cute in it, despite my enormous bosoms and roughly extra 20 lbs.

Now that is a true friend.

So getting back to my new photoshop fun.

Now I can edit my pictures more creatively...which makes me way more excited about blogging again (I have been in a small blogging funk).

(Avery on her blessing day)

Thanks again Kate!

More photos to come soon...

PS. I have started another blog that will only have photos of Avery...I know, it pretty much seems like that is what this blog is, but I wanted to have a place where family (and friends if so inclined) could look at lots of the pictures we take of her, and I wouldn't feel like I was boring anyone. Here is the link


  1. Oh shucks... you're making me blush! I'm just happy I could help give you the push you needed. Because come on - you've had it for months now... and I knew how much fun you'd have with it! Because I'm obsessed! Like almost to an unhealthy amount. Now unfortunately (or not) you'll spend all your spare time on the computer and let things like cleaning your house and brushing your teeth fall by the wayside! And what are friends for if not to share awesome, fun photoshop tricks!

  2. I love this post! I love celebrating great friends. I'm so glad Kate shared her time and her tricks with you. I love you both.
    And miss you.
    And I want photoshop (wink!)

  3. Hey--good to hear from you. Funny about the parallel lives. I like your idea of a separate baby blog. I may need to do that in the future since Zoe pictures have been taking over mine. I LOVE the bird-mobile, by the way and this is such a cute blessing shot! We're finally blessing Zoe the first week of August, but I'm having a hard time finding a dress I like. I'm sure you sewed yours, of course :).

  4. Avery is so cute that I'm sure none of her pictures need photoshop. I'm really just very jealous. I wish I had it, and Kate close by to show me all of her tricks. Now your pictures are going to look all professional too!

  5. hi! i'm dying about that little avery. she is getting chubsy and is soo cute! i miss you. i am going to call you. it's on my to-do list. does that feel impersonal? like something i just have to check off my list? well, you know me and my lists. i don't think you're offended.


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