Thursday, July 31, 2008

summer swim

I was going to do a whole post about our fun Pioneer Day but ever since I installed a new version of iphoto I have been having trouble blogging photos. I am sure I just need to change some setting or something...but alas I am no computer wiz, so that will take time.

Until then, this is Avery in her cute swimsuit enjoying her first swim. We had to take her at night (it was still 89 degrees) so her delicate skin wouldn't burn. She takes after me ;)

I don't know why we think it's so funny. I guess because she is our first baby, and we think that every little move she makes is magical and enchanting. We are easily entertained.


  1. Ryan and I have watched this three times now. I guess we are also easily entertained. That looks like so much fun!

  2. She is so cute! WHat a good little floater! Stella loves the pool, i should really take her more~

  3. Oh my goodness I am so excited to squeeze those little cheeks she is so adorable. And Emma can't wait to tickle her toes (one of Emmas favorite things to do to babies)
    Oh the fun we are going to have!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Avery is adorable. I love how she keeps crossing her feet - it looks so lady-like! :)

  5. K, this is so random but your husband sounds exactly like Adam Sandler to me! In a good way! haha...he has a deep voice.
    Wow, so before I sound like I am hot for your husband I will comment on the topic of this post and attempt to avoid sounding like a weird-o.
    You are totally normal to think that every move your Avery makes is magical. That is how every parent feels about their own kids. I think she is perfectly squishy in that swimming suit and I want to munch her!

  6. You went! Good! If you want to go again, we'll come up for a dip. She's to die for in that suit! And she's so boyant! (is that how you spell that word?) Trav is such a good/cute dad!


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