Monday, August 25, 2008

Jane's wedding week

Last week we were in Seattle for my husband's sister Jane's wedding. We had a fabulous time, and I wanted to share a few of our pictures. There are so many though...I think I'll post a few each day.

outside the restaurant...enjoying the view

Jane's new in-laws were kind enough to take us all out to dinner the night be fore the wedding at a great restaurant down by the Kirkland water front. We had a really fun time! All of the waiters and waitresses kept coming over to ogle at Avery. She was being especially charming that night. It's amazing how a darling baby can get a complete stranger to be your instant friend. I love it! I think the owner wanted to take her home in a doggy bag.

who wouldn't want to snatch this girl right up?

So we kind of have a do-it-yourself tradition when it comes to wedding flowers in the Wilson family. For Jane's wedding they decided to have a florist put together all of the big pieces as well as bouquets etc, but we were going to do the centerpieces. Well I happened to be suffering from a mean bout of mastitis that afternoon, and so was no help at all to Colleen. Trav and Marc jumped right in to do their part though...and I have to say, did a great job! Plus come on, boys arranging centerpieces...pretty cute!

Also, as a bit of an update to the post below, check this out.
I got a second chance to meet the blog friend I was to chicken to say hello to (Rachael it was you!). It turns out we are both big fans of Nienie's and met up at the balloon launch in Provo Saturday night. I didn't bring my camera (dumb!) but Rachael did. And she even let us launch one of her balloons after so many people showed up that they ran out of balloons to sell. Thanks again!


  1. i'm glad you got to go to the launch (I wondered if you would,) and that you got to meet a blog friend -- great day!

    loved the post you wrote about blog friends -- you are so sweet. (and that list you were making in your head, laying in bed, crying) -- that's totally something i would do. seems i've been extra sappy lately.

    love you!

  2. That is so fun met Rachel. I would love to meet her too. In fact, this is giving me an idea. I am coming to Utah for a week in October--it would be really fun to plan a get together of various bloggy types! I definitely would love to see you and Avery at the very least.

  3. Cute pictures! Can't wait to see more... Wish I could have gone to the launch with you and not deal with what I did instead. Bummer. Still mad about it. oh well. Like Em, liking all your posts lately!

  4. Mastitis is the PITS! I am so sorry you had to deal with that while on vacation!? Lame.
    Your comment made me feel all warm and fuzzy today...thank you :)

  5. hey Danielle! Its me, Lindsay Telford Anderson...your old Medford friend. We are here in Medford for a couple of days and of course our fam got together with the Halls and Rozanne was telling us about all your blogs. You look so good and your daughter is darling. Check out our blog when you get a chance.



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