Thursday, October 2, 2008

This American Life

So I have blogged about This American Life before. If you don't listen to should.

It is a weekly radio show, produced by Chicago Public Radio. You can get it via podcast, and the new episodes are released every Sunday night. We like to listen to podcasts before going to bed. Yep, we are wild.

This week's episode was about "going big", and they featured a story about a man named Geoffry Canada, who has started a program in Harlem, which among its other facets, includes a "Baby College" for parents who wouldn't otherwise have access to parenting education, a chance to become better parents. I was inspired by this story. I think there is no other job more important than parenting. And I firmly believe that our nation's problems will be solved in the home.

I loved this story because of what this program is doing, but also because I happen to agree with their parenting philosophy...let kids be kids...let them explore their world...think about what they need instead of constantly trying to bend them to your will...interact with your to your baby...let them sleep when they are tired, eat when they are hungry etc, speak kindly to them (OK I am not sure if they said all of those things...a few may just be mine, but its the jist). It sounds pretty simple, and that's the is.

Simple but so important. The development that happens in a baby's mind before they are 3 years old, will shape the way they function in the world for the rest of their lives. Important.

Anyway, you should just listen to the podcast. Listen while you are folding laundry or doing dishes. It's so interesting. It makes me want to go volunteer.

Also, this week they are doing another show about the economy. You'll want to tune in to that also.

Podcast here

This American Life Website here


  1. I LOVE This American Life. I think Ira and I could be friends. Although I wouldn't recommend listening to "Switched at Birth" before going to the hospital to have a baby. Have you ever heard the show on Iceland's "hidden people"? It's from years ago, but it is one of my favorites.

  2. Oh my gosh...That switched at birth episode had me freaked out! Trav was so annoyed that I wouldn't stop talking to him about it. Thankfully it was after I had my baby though.

  3. Oooh I am going to check this out! I loved talking about your parenting ideals with you the other day, by the way...I love how you approach everything. You are so rational and level-headed.

  4. I've loved your blog lately. You are so real and so you, and it's very refreshing in a world of "I'm perfect! Just look at my blog!". Thanks. Also, I loved your post about the laundry. That was so funny. I did that once, but actually thought that by drying the clothes it would make the stench go away. I ended up taking off a pair of jeans from that load later in the day because I finally figured out what "that smell" was.

    I'm going to check out This American Life too. I've never even heard of it.

  5. So, I'm SO obsessed with this show (yet something else we have in common). I even met Ira when he came here during Sundance to promote his TV show (it was a live recording of Radio West). Anyway, I'm a super fan. And I loved this show. I listed to the podcast yesterday on my walk with Zoe.


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