Tuesday, October 7, 2008

house keeping

Wow... First of all, thanks for all of the input on the photos! I am quite a proud mama, and it warms my little heart to hear all of your nice words....I mean I know I solicited them, but still...

Second, If you are having a hard time understanding all of the crazy stuff going on in the economy lately, listen to this. It is a podcast from NPR and This American Life. I think it is fascinating. And it explains things in a way that I can understand. Also there is now a daily podcast being produced by NPR. It's called Planet Money. You can get it on Itunes.

OK...laundry to do.

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  1. Hey Danielle!

    This is your neighbor across the street! Cute blog! Here is my email address: emilyannemorgan@gmail.com. I would love those pictures! And here is our blog... www.morganutes.blogspot.com.



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