Monday, December 15, 2008

nothing to do with Christmas or crafts

salmon tikka
Salmon Tikka Trav made for dinner stunk up our house, but boy was it good! Isn't it pretty?

So I have had a massive crush on Jamie Oliver since I was in high school. A man who knows his way around the kitchen and has a cute British accent? I mean come on!

Jamie Oliver is a British chef who's had many cooking shows and published tons of books too. Trav and I rented all of his shows on Netflix a while back, which was really fun (and I highly recommend them all). In fact, watching his shows has totally inspired the way we cook, and has got Trav really interested in finding his way around the kitchen (have I mentioned how hot that is?)

We love Jamie's style of cooking because everything he does is pretty easy and basic. He uses a lot of the same ingredients...things like fresh herbs, lemons, olive oil, garlic, for a majority of his dishes so its easy to recreate his recipes if you have some basics on hand. Plus they seem relatively healthy. And easy. There hasn't been anything that we have tried that we couldn't find ingredients for, or that hasn't come out well. Plus you don't ever need special gadgets or tools.

So you know how we love podcasts? Well we have recently discovered that Jamie has a podcast where he does quick healthy meals, and you can download them for free on Itunes (Jamie's Ministry of Food). Or check out his website for even more recipes. The podcasts are great because they show you step by step what to do, and they are quick! (Plus you get to listen to Jamie say cute British things like "happy days, and literally, and brilliant!) We have tried several of them already, including that lovely salmon above. I also loved the Chicken with prosciutto and parmesan and the creamy shells and peas. In fact I am making the shells for dinner tonight.

Check it out!


  1. Way to go Trav! That looks scrumptious... Yummy. How nice is that to have a husband who cooks!

  2. That is my post above-forgot to sign off... Anyway, I can't get the salmon recipe from your post and I would love to have it,it's not there when I click on it.
    The dish you are making tonight Danielle looks wonderful,wish I was there.
    I think it is so cool that you both watch cooking shows together.OX,Mom

  3. The Salmon dish looks awesome. I was impressed with Trav when he roasted chicken the night I was over. I guess he has more tricks up his sleeves!

  4. ok super impressed with Trav's know how in the kitchen! Maybe Mark should come over and learn a thing or two (actually maybe I should come too!)

    Speaking of that, I've been feeling so frustrated lately about cooking (insert lame-o dinner I made for you guys! lol). I'm just no good at it. But I just watched the video of your dinner tonight and it inspired me, because I think I could do that. Easy peasy (no pun intended:) ). If most of his cooking is like that, I think I'd love him as much as you do. The thing about me is I love to watch cooking shows, I love dishes, I actually really like cleaning the kitchen, but when it comes to the actual cooking I get so frustrated. It's like my brain isn't wired to be creative in the kitchen.

    anyways, what is this, confession?? well sounds like you guys are eating good at your house! Still can't get over how yummy that salmon looks! and I'm going to be watching some more of Jaime for sure!

  5. Travis liked to cook when he was a little boy too. He even started a recipe collection way back then, in a small blue book with a cow on the front. I think it only has a couple of recipes, but it was pretty cute.

    The salmon dish looks really delicious. Good photograph also. There is talent every which way you look in your family it seems!

  6. as opposed to check it out, figuratively?

    that looks yummy, save me some leftovers.

  7. Yum! Did you cook it with the skin on too? I've never heard of eating fish skin before.


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