Thursday, December 18, 2008

put some records on and I'll pour


So I really have nothing to post about except I can't get off my mind how obnoxious and food-snobby my last post sounded. So for the record I have on several occasions partaken of various forms of "helper" it hamburger, tuna (I know) or otherwise. And we eat cheap tombstone pizzas on a regular basis. In fact last night we had Costco pizza for dinner (and bless those Costco kitchen folks that had my large cheese pizza out in 8 minutes flat). And one of my favorite foods is Tostitos cheese dip from a jar. So there you go. A food snob I am not.

But it's just nice to have the option.

And aren't we lucky to have full bellies.

Now drive safe and stay warm....cause baby its cold outside!


  1. you are cute. i love your non-food-snobbery. i love watching you look around a kitchen for a sour cream vehicle. taylor is often mistaken for a food snob because of his food love and whereabouts. but you know him. he'll take canned chili with fritos any day. loves.

  2. that picture of your husband and Avery is gorgeous! She is so adorable!

  3. I didn't take you for a food snob when reading your post. We all love a trip to Taco Bell :) But it is nice to have the option. And yes, we are SOOO lucky to have full bellies.

    Can't get over how darling your child is.

  4. Tostitos cheese dip is one of my favorites too! We make nachos with it on a reguler basis. I know what you mean about having options. It is very nice to eat out when you want to, but it is very, very good to know how to feed yourself and your family good wholesome meals. Have a wonderfully, good food-filled Christmas! P.S. Don't be a food snob on Christmas, it would just be no fun...not that you are a food snob anyway. ;)

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  6. I had a similar thought yesterday while trying to cram something in the freezer: I'm glad we don't have scarcity issues instead.

    Avery's eyes are beautiful. That's my professional opinion. I'm excited about the Snapfish book. Thanks again. XOXO

  7. That is such a darling picture of Trav and Avery. It moves me.OX,Mom

  8. What a great picture! And you certainly didn't come across as a snob at all. I felt inspired by your post and bought the ingredients for both of those dishes at Trader Joes today. So my belly (and my husband's) thank you!

  9. They're so cute in their furry coats! You're no food snob, and I liked your food posts!

    Hope you ended up having some fun today even if the weather was crappy!


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