Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sick of aprons

I made oatmeal for the first time this morning since I was pregnant. Last year at this time, I got up every morning and slaved over the stove for 30 whole minutes making oatmeal for Trav and I, in an effort to introduce more fiber into our diets, and because I was 6 months pregnant and just again able to stand the sight of food, and because oatmeal is a delicious delivery system for butter and brown sugar. There was about one sweet month of my pregnancy where I got to enjoy food to my hearts content, and then I got gestational diabetes...and, well you know that story. But for that month I ate a lot of oatmeal (and monster cookies and cinnamon rolls).

So as I had 30 minutes to wait patiently for my breakfast, and as Avery dear was sleeping, I sort of reminisced about the time when I was waiting patiently for her to be ready to come. Its funny how smells can trigger memories like that. I will say this: I did not love being pregnant. It was hard.

But I love that I got to be pregnant. Love it. And isn't it funny how the things in our life that are the hardest, or the biggest struggle, are the things that we treasure the most.

And I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I love being a mother. I love everything about it. And I know this is kind of treasonous to say, but I even like the part when she wakes up at night (still) to eat or be held or whatever, because its kind of a secret special time that just she and I
get to have together, and I know its fleeting.

And yes I am tired. (And yes I have the sleep books...I just choose to ignore them, judge me all you want.) Which mostly I don't mind all that much. I used to work nights--and that I hated. This-- well, this I just accept as part of the package.

Except tiredness seems to make me way more clumsy (than usual), and while making my oatmeal I dropped my beloved Nigella blue ceramic measuring cup on the stupid tile floor and it shattered. (By the way, don't you just love Nigella? My mom totally has a crush on her...I do too.) Lucky for you I have a photo of it.


I happen to have that photo because in my glory month of food while pregnant I
almost posted my mom's famous cinnamon roll recipe on this very blog. But I didn't. Because there are basically two reasons that people like me, and one of them is cinnamon rolls. And you know...why buy the cow...?

So anyway, I was pretty sad about the measuring cup. (sad enough to write a blog!) but in my very mature and insightful way, I figured it was worth the trade-off.


To have her...the other reason mostly that people like me. (Who is at this very moment chirping at me in her sweet sing-songy voice).

And then I drank a root beer in celebration. (but don't worry its sweetened with sugar not totally healthy)

And if you need an idea for a Christmas gift for me...I could use a new set of those measuring cups. Just I would solicit gifts on my blog.

(I'm totally not kidding).


  1. I love Nigella - I have never watched the show. But Feast is one of my favorite cookbooks!

    And I think that you are well-liked for many reasons (and I hope you decide to share the cinnamon rolls)!

  2. so I have that same Anthropologie red latte bowl on my counter in my happy stack of oatmeal bowls. Mmmm...and I am so sorry about your measuring cup! I know we're not supposed to be too attached to material things, but there are some beautiful pieces in my kitchen that make me smile every time I use them, and I would be so sad if they left me!

  3. I bought How to be a Domestic Goddess just because I liked the name, and hoped that by having it on my shelf I'd morph into Nigella...still waiting.

    You're holding out on a cinnamon roll recipe? I propose that after we walk next week we have brunch and celebrate with tasty treats. I'm a sucker for anything sweet. HFCS or otherwise enhanced.

  4. First of all, thank you for posting another beautiful baby photo. Oh, my heart.

    And second: I absolutely love you, and I have never ever even tasted your cinnamon rolls.

    And I totally agree with your thoughts on enjoying your middle of the night time with Avery. I was the same way, I loved tending my babies in the night. Those are sure good memories to me now. Just toss the sleep training books out the window.

    And I am sorry you lost your super cool measuring cup.

  5. Avery is cute, even when she is messy.

    I love the cuddles at night the most! I just started last night to teach Spencer how to fall asleep on his own. They grow up quickly!

  6. 1) I often eat oatmeal for breakfast, but I am not patient enough to wait 30 minutes for it to cook (when I'm hungry, I have to eat or I think I might pass least that's how I feel) I just put mine in the microwave for 2 minutes and stir and enjoy (after adding brown sugar and cinnamon of course)
    2) My mother made this great hot fudge that she often brought to share at dinners (with ice cream) but would not give out the recipe for some time, for the same reasons. I think she finally conceded. She still has friends though, so don't worry.

  7. I'm with the people who say we'll love you even more if you share the cinnamon roll recipe, so think about it. I don't think you should feel sheepish about enjoying those nighttime wakings with Avery -- you may not feel the same way about your next baby (since Avery will likely be a toddler and wearing you out by then), so enjoy it now. I tell people things like that a lot, because from my current perspective, I know for sure that I didn't appreciate the first two years of motherhood enough. My life is so much more complicated now and those sweet little moments are a lot tougher to carve out. I know you're enjoying it, and I'm glad.

  8. That was such a tender post Bellie Boo...Not to worry , I found the cups at the one store in the U.S. that stocks them! I hate that I am telling you but I know how it is when you break something you treasure and I saw on the link you posted that is out and doesn't know if they will get them in again so I thought it would put your mind at ease to know that your new set is coming,even though I have ruined the surprise.
    I love the title of your post "Sick of Aprons", in fact I got a big belly laugh out of that and am still chuckling ,if it means what I think it means.
    Is Avery eating Pumpkin pie in that pic? So cute.
    Oh my! The UPS guy just dropped off Avery's little book! It is so cute Danielle, just perfect. What a great job you did, so professional. This touches my heart. XO,Mom

  9. I'd say it was worth it! Just think of that next time... Yikes.

    Hey, I need your address for my Christmas card list. Could you email it to me at ?


  10. Funny, I had oatmeal and I was sewing an apron today too.

  11. mmmm. i love oatmeal.

    and you.

    and your cinnamon rolls (but i don't love you for your cinnamon rolls) but i would love the recipe (wink!).

  12. Bummer about your cute cup! I remember when you bought them. Well everyone has said everything I would say...

    But I liked this part best "But I love that I got to be pregnant. Love it. And isn't it funny how the things in our life that are the hardest, or the biggest struggle, are the things that we treasure the most." very true.

    and thanks for going with me the other night. it was fun hu?! We'll have to do it again.

  13. WAH Tamara!! I don't get "sick of aprons" and you just tantalized me by bringing it to the forefront. I also had a hard time figuring out what a picture of instant smashed potatoes had to do with all that talk of cinnamon rolls. Aha!! It must be part of the secret recipe!!


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