Thursday, January 29, 2009

i wish I'd thought of these


I don't have a single church-related piece of artwork in my entire home. Shocking I know. It's not because I don't want to have one, its just because most things I come across at Deseret Book aren't exactly in line with my decorating style.

I always thought, "Someone should design some church art that is less--dried floral arrangement/burgandy and green/giant gold frame-ish, and more simple and fun and colorful".

Turns out someone did.

And since I tend to be sort of an impulsive shopper when it comes to buying things like this that I really really love, I am forcing myself to wait until at least tonight to press the "Submit Order" button in the ETSY order that is currently waiting patiently in an open window on my computer. You make sure I really need all three things I ordered. I have a problem with excess.

Remember...I am trying to be more mindful. And that includes spending money.

I only wish that I had thought of these. This girl's gonna make a killing.

Find them here. We'll be twins.


  1. cute! i totally know what you mean about not being able to find good church decorations. in case you are interested, i did find an artist that does pictures of jesus that i really like... jared j. barnes. you might like him too!

  2. I love these! I saw them on a room somewhere a couple of months back. way cute.

  3. I've totally seen this before and I love it! Good for you for buying it and giving it some time before hitting the submit button! But when you know you love something, you know. It'll look perfect in your house!

  4. Oh and you made me laugh when you wrote, "dried floral arrangement/burgandy and green/giant gold frame-ish" Totally true!!! I bought a picture of Christ that I really like, but I bought it without the frame, so I can frame in something I like (someday!)

  5. The colors are so you. Very cute.


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