Thursday, January 22, 2009

survey says...


Ever wish you could give your pediatrician some advice about things you'd like to see change? Well here's your chance.

My good friend and Avery's pediatrician would like your advice.


And if you are in the market for a pediatrician on the Salt Lake area...I HIGHLY recommend her. She's smart smart. She listens to you. She is constantly reading medical studies.

And She's a mom.


  1. This has nothing to do with the post...sorry! I just wanted to say how cute Avery looks in those bath pictures. Adorable! And I could think of MUCH worse things to put in your mouth than a toilet screw cover. I've found worse.

  2. I filled out the survey and emailed it to your pediatrition...I may have gone off on a few tangents though.
    But I am going to need a pediatrician in the SLC area pretty thanks!

  3. Please excuse my lack of proof reading--I do know how to spell sometimes (pediatrician)


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