Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Nessie.

I am so glad that you were born, and that I get to have you as my sister.

Because, even though you are the little sister, and I am supposed to be a good example to you--you are far more often the good example for your your your goodness.

Because you are sweet and gentle and sensitive.

Because there isn't another person on the earth that I trust with my child as much as you. And because you make my life so much easier when it comes to her (I never have to leave you with always know the right thing to do!)

Because you kicked that boy in the shin when he was mean to me and I was too afraid.

Because you still love me even though I yelled at you for taking my clothes in high school.

Because you are way more stylish than me and tell me its OK to wear purple tights.

Because you are creative and inspiring and imaginative.

Because you are so cute and boys can't help be inspired by your darling face (Vanessa has been a muse for more than one painting).

Because Avery has your blue eyes.

Because you let me be bossy.

Because you are forgiving.

Because you have done a lot of hard things in your 26 years.

I am so proud to be your sister.

I love you. Happy Birthday Nessie Bug!


  1. oh i loved that. and i love you. you are the best sister. love love love you.

  2. what a sweet post. your sister is adorable. i'm jealous that you have a sister close by.

  3. Well, that just warms my heart....I mean really...XO, Mom

  4. very sweet, danielle. i blog-stalk ness on occasion and reading her musings just makes me love her even more than i already did from knowing her in real life. you and avery are lucky to have her so close.

  5. Gosh, what cute girls you both are!
    I don't know Vanessa that well but what I do know of her reminds me of you..and that gives me all the reason to love her too :)

  6. I have to say Vanessa is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She always genuinely wants to know whats going on with you and truly cares about how you are doing. Not to mention she is gorgeous as all get out.

    P.S. Danielle I was reading your post about trying to stop caffeine and a parenthesis there caught my attention. Is there something I should know?????

  7. Could she have more perfect hair and skin? I think not! And you are both LUCKY that you're so close to each toher! That's so fun!

  8. this is so good for my self-esteem.


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