Wednesday, March 4, 2009

everything trees





I pulled this leaf out of my "collection" of things I was saving for kids someday.
The story of how I came to own this particular leaf is kind of special to me. Right after Trav and I got married, his mom Colleen took me on my very first visit to the magical land of Ikea. She introduced me to the isles and isles of fabulous Swedish craftsmanship, bought me lunch complete with Lingonberry juice, and indulged my-- I'm sure annoying-- squeals as I spied more and more things that delighted me. One of them was this giant leaf canopy. It's meant for a child's bed or some such thing, but the inner child in me (and at 22 I was not far removed from being an actual child) was just tickled by it. It was big, bright and whimsical and something that sparked my imagination. I couldn't really think of a justifiable reason to buy it. And being newlywed didn't exactly have the cash for such a silly purchase. But Colleen, being a dreamer herself, and one who understands the need to have something, just because it speaks to you, bought it for me (along with other more practical items). I remember she said I had to have it because I just kept going back to it...she could tell it spoke to me. And she was right!
I am so glad.
I have planned on putting it up in the corner of an eventual playroom. In fact, I have since purchased two more to join it. It will be the giant tree corner. I can't wait.
Until then I pulled it out for Avery to play with. I forget sometimes that this stuff was for her.
But its a little bit for me too.

PS. Do you think its funny that I have a whole other blog for Avery and yet I still post stuff here about her? Yeah...I like to mix things up...keep you guessing. Also, doesn't her hair look so red in these pictures? I secretly wished for a red-haired child, so there you go. The Secret really works. Shhh don't tell.


  1. Oh my gosh, did you just say, "the secret really works?" hahaha i love you.

    This reminded me that I need to set up our magical rainbow canopy!


  2. We have two of those in the boy's room. They have a frog room and the leaves fit the theme. Love them! I just hate it when they ask me to get them down because I'm afraid they'll break them. IKEAs are hard to find out here :)

  3. love the trees. and colleen (can I say that without knowing her?)

    this post reminds me that more than a trendy or stylish house, i want a comfy, safe, happy, even a little bit magical, home for childhood.
    I think those leaves really help the "little bit magical" cause.

  4. That's a great story and a very fun idea. Things like that can be so magical. When I was little, I remember waking up to a "reading corner" my mom had made in the corner of the bedroom I shared with my sister. It had a fantastic poster with all these characters from books, a curtain, special pillows, etc. It was probably pretty easy to put together, but I was amazed by it!

  5. Oh, gosh it is fun to see Avery with that leaf.

    I remember that day we went to IKEA. I wasn't annoyed by your squeals at all. It is way more fun to take someone to a place when they get excited about it!

    Way back in those days I was trying to get to know you better, and I was trying to discover what you liked, what you thought, and what you were interested in.

    When we were looking around in the children's department I was thinking about how obvious it was that you wanted to have children.

    Then you picked up a leaf and started walking around with it. First it was an umbrella, and then you let it "follow" you as you walked. You would look back over your shoulder at it and giggle. You were just having uncomplicated, simple fun. As I watched you I remember thinking that I could understand why Travis was so in love with you. It is one of those moments that stick in your mind forever. I think "delightful" is how I would describe you during that shopping trip.

    Anyway, there was no way we were going to leave the store without a leaf.

    And as for posting about Avery on both blogs....I support the idea. Completely and totally.


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