Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Kate!


To a true and loyal friend, wonderful mother, creative spirit, ever-evolving sweet soul,

Happy Birthday...

I hope all of your wishes come true!


  1. Thanks!!! Well this made me feel special! Such sweet things you said. Made me smile. I love my birthday! Your officially the first to wish me happy birthday!

    And thanks for you comments on my blog. You're right it will be great when I get there... there's a part of it that's scary though. You know. But then what am I worried about when I have such a good friend like you to come crying to if it turns on me!

    And I would have had you help with babysitting except my brother and his girlfriends offered for both days! I think those two just like being somewhere where there aren't any roommates!

  2. that's funny, that's the same pic i chose for my blog. it's such a goodie.


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