Thursday, March 26, 2009

When Dad's in Charge


So naturally-- rather than intervene, I grabbed my camera.

Today I am thinking that, although "Good" isn't as good as "Better" or "Best", its better than nothing, and some days that's a good as it gets.

Also, thanks to everyone who has written to Avery for her birthday book. I am truly touched by your thoughtfulness. There is still time if anyone else wants to be included.


  1. Oh, my sides hurt from laughing so hard. I notice that he has her ankle with his thumb. At least that is something. Did you snap and then do a major rescue? That is a really funny picture!

  2. What a great action shot! Hilarious.

  3. This has got to be one of my favorite pictures. In fact it is so perfect, his hand on her ankle,the angle of her body, the wall and sleeper color coordinated, Trav relaxing/ Avery exploring. It IS worth a thousand words.I think this should be in some photo contest!XO, Mom

  4. The Voltaire quote of the day :"The perfect is the enemy of the good".

    You are getting to be quite the photographer.

    Loved seeing you guys this AM. :)


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