Thursday, May 21, 2009

alive and well

Gosh...I know I promised all kinds of blogging, and have yet to deliver... not that anyone is waiting anxiously or anything. But since I have gotten a few worried emails and phone calls in my Internet absence, I thought I better let everyone know that everything is fine. Life just happens sometimes, and we have been enjoying it! We have been busy sewing costumes for a church youth dance celebration and then took an impromptu vacation of sorts.

So we are back, (although the costumes aren't quite finished), and I am sure I will be boring you all with my blatherings soon enough.


  1. good to know all is well! i've missed you.

  2. Um, I'm actually waiting anxiously and have been checking back regularly...(the intention of my comment is not to pass guilt but make you feel loved and important). I hope it worked ;)


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