Monday, June 15, 2009

And the winner is...


Rachel Mae said...

You're amazing! I so needed this for Zoe on the last trip we took. She would have looked so cute. Anyway, hope I'm not too late, but you're posted with a photo.

June 15, 2009 2:12 AM

And though Zoe is one of my very favorite babies and Rachel happens to be one of my favorite people too...I promise she was chosen at Random. I promised myself that whoever won-- won, even if it was my dad (and he'd look kind of silly in a bonnet). I guess the universe knew that Zoe would probably look better in it. Rachel...let me know how to best mail something to Spain;)

and I want to say THANK YOU!! to everyone who posted a link on their blogs, indulging my shameless self promotion. I really appreciate it.

And if you'd like to buy the pattern...its still in my Etsy shop. And I promise...its really simple to sew. But if you'd really rather not, I will probably make a few and have them to sell soon.


  1. OK first of all, I would look great in a bonnet, and second, it's just about winning. I'll try to handle this graciously.

  2. Your Dad cracks me up!!

  3. I did not inherit the gracious gene, I despise the randomness of your drawings, and will only find solace at the bottom of a tall bottle.

    When will some be available for sale?


  4. NO WAY! This just made my night. (A night filled with work because I played too much today). I'm so very excited to win one of your beautiful creations and Zoe's whiter than white skin (yes, whiter than Avery) will thank you too. And don't worry about sending to Spain! We will be home by July 1 and it will be something to look forward to at home (besides free water, drink refills, and grass). Thank you!

  5. i love the pattern idea! i'm so impressed! oh and i hope it's okay if i plan on one day canoodling a pattern from you in the distant future when i have a wee girl (or boy? boys can wear bonnets too right? ha).


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