Friday, September 11, 2009

Delighted Today

Photobucket the way Avery picks up a chunk of potato and places it on her fork before putting it into her mouth.

that she has started calling my bosoms "apples",

that she says, "Hi!" to so many people wherever we go, and how it turns even the most grumpy looking old man into a smiling mush and that she seems to be especially good at noticing the people who really need a hello from a darling baby,

her happy happy laugh when she tickles my feet,

how she brings me little treasures, and then says "thank you!"

her wobbly, and very purposeful toddle,

how she pulls herself up and plops down on me to be in the middle of whatever I am doing,

that I get to spend thirty or forty minutes every afternoon, laying down and cuddling her while I nurse her to sleep. 

How I love that girl!


  1. I miss that little rug-rat. I think I may have started her on the foot-tickeling trend on the houseboat. She mistook my bosoms for apples too, since I haven't been working out. Little self-conscious about that. XO

  2. oh how I adore those rubber-band wrists! I am so excited that Isaac is getting chubby enough for those these days.

  3. Such a cute picture. The comedic potential of this apples business has got me laughing! And laughing! And laughing!

  4. and that is a seriously adorable outfit...from the shoes to the bow. love it!

  5. such a little cutie! it was so fun to talk to you guys over the webcam this past weekend. thanks for taking the time to show us how to set it all up.

  6. That was a sweet post Danielle, just warmed my heart........ox,Mom

  7. those big blue eyes are so stunning. we love naartjie too...such adorable clothes. they have a little red coat out for fall that i am coveting.

  8. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter! And, I love her little cherry shoes!


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