Monday, December 21, 2009

In Bed


a: (this morning, with her nose 2 inches from mine, and in her tiny cute voice) mommy...a sleeping?

me: yes baby... I'm sleeping.

a: mommy... a walk up? (wake up)

me: but I want to be sleeping.

slight pause.

a: mommy... a nuggets? a hungry. a juice. a water. a sauce. a yunch (lunch).

no response from me.

a: mommy! a nah-nah-nah-nah nursie!

It kills me how cute she is sometimes. I want her to stay exactly like she is at this very moment. Forever.

Too much to ask?


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I just loved this post! What a tender portrayal.You are such a good mommy Danielle, so tender and sweet with her. I wish I was there to hear her say those things,what a precious moment. Thanks for sharing.OX,Mom

  2. Oh yes! That age is adorable...and people might think I'm crazy for having so many so close together, but it's because my babies grow up and I need another one to fill the void. ;) She is a sweetheart, Danielle.

  3. I remember when you wanted her to stay 6 months. Forever. Then 1 year. Forever. I think it only gets better, until they are 14. I'm not a huge fan of 14 year old girls.

  4. geez, give the girl some sauce! avery you come see aunt nessie and she'll feed you a sauce. and a water and a nuggets and a hungry.


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