Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"a" is for apron


I love giving gifts for Christmas. I love making them, and I love buying them. But what I really love are thoughtful, meaningful gifts. I try my hardest.

Here's what I hate--Christmas shopping. You won't find me at a mall on Black Friday, or most other days between Nov. 25 and December 25th. All of the "One Day Only!", and "75% off if you buy it in the next 24 seconds!" stresses me out. I feel like people are yelling at me.

So I do most of my shopping from the comfort of my computer chair.

At any rate. I making a good chunk of Avery's gifts this year. Partly because its fun. And partly because its hard to find things that fit a 20 month old toddler just right. But mostly because, although I know she is going to be thrilled by all the little things that are just her size, she really has no concept of Christmas, so I want her to be able to look back someday, and know--

That right now, at this time in her life...she was my focus. She was who I spent my time with, and on. And that she was a very very loved little baby girl.

So I made this apron without using any kind of pattern. I just used one of her dresses to get the rough measurements and got cutting. Its almost funner to do it this way, because you start with a vision in your head and then can kind of adjust as you go. And somehow, it turned out exactly like I imagined (which never happens). Its made from linen, which I really love. The natural color...the way it hangs and wrinkles so slightly. I love it.

And I am sort of I am showing it off.

Don't show Avery.

ps. Thanks for all the help with the window. You guys are the best!


  1. so darling!

    and I totally understand where you're coming from. As I was making teeny tiny little doll comforters the other night I thought, "Am I crazy?" and then I thought, "No. Because my kids are going to be over-the-moon happy about this, and because while I know love isn't measured in tangibles, I like to see my kids with visible manifestations of how much I care about them. It's the same reason why I ended up hand-quilting their quilt rather than paying someone to do it on a machine.

  2. love the pom poms. maybe that "a" is really for alissa. I bet it would fit...

  3. That is adorable. I would buy that pattern if you put it in your shop :)

  4. omg! i was making an apron for avery to send to you for christmas! i made grace a little one to match one of mine and thought that avery definitely needed one. maybe i'll still send it...who doesn't need 2 aprons?

  5. she is gonna be looking good in her new play kitchen! very cute danielle.

  6. Okay, you make me want to rewind and go back to raising my make it so fun! Although they all grew up without any home-made aprons, I don't think they were too scarred by the neglect!

  7. i really love this, danielle! the pom-poms! oh the pom-poms!

    p.s. i agree with Christina--i would buy the pattern!

  8. I think 'a' is for adorable! So cute, Danielle. And, I love how much you love being a mom - thanks for sharing.


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