Tuesday, January 12, 2010



I finally got the pattern made for this bib I'd been wanting to do for awhile. And although I realize I far from invented the concept of a smock, I think I've put it together in a way that will hopefully make it a little more practical to use.

Its lined with vinyl so its waterproof, and the fabric has been treated with Scotch Guard, so its stain resistant and washable. And it has a little vinyl food catching pocket in front-- well... to catch food;). So that's it.

I am happy about this because I think it will be a really useful practical pattern and can be made by super beginning sewers. Plus I haven't really seen anything like it pattern-wise out there.


So now there is just the small task of getting the pattern into PDF form and writing the directions...which sadly is always the hardest part for me.

I am really hoping to have it for you soon!

And aren't those the cutest little footsies ever! She's grinning cause I gave her candy if she'd stand on her high chair and pose. You should hear her say "a canie?" You wouldn't be able to refuse her either.


  1. oh my gosh she looks like she's on her way to pre-school or something. what can we give her to stunt her growth...

    the bib turned out so well! you're so good.

  2. When you get the it done, the PDF should go on your Etsy shop, you hear? It's wonderful!

  3. Never mind the smock. I'm blown away by the masking tape border on the picture!! And, I agree,
    Vanessa--she looks so big smirking in her smock.

  4. What a darling picture Danielle. I am with Leann on the border,so artistic.
    Avery looks like a little girl now. I can imagine how cute it is to hear her say" a canie".
    Darling bib too,honey. I think the diagonal stripe is very trendy and fun and that center seam stripe matching looks flawless........OX,Mom


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