Saturday, January 2, 2010

Who likes to rock the party?


New Year's Eve Wilson style.

7 really slow eighties movies from the library...check.
root beer...check.
pepperoni laden foods...check.
bowls on heads...check.
in bed before midnight...check,
with a kiss...definitely.


  1. all the ladies with their babies make their babies shake their booties, yeah

    thanks for that. where did you get avery's jammies? i want some too.

  2. In bed before midnight...we definitely all checked that one off this year! And I was completely okay with it.

  3. Ha ha ha. What a wild and crazy party! Kind of like ours! Love the party hat Avery!

  4. Danielle ,Pair/Pear was one of the most beautiful,poignant passages that I have ever read on your blog. I have absolutely felt every one of your emotions on those long days home alone,when you realize how lucky you are to a little angel baby by your side. You were an old soul too Danielle. It is my privilege to be your mom.
    I would seriously consider submitting that article to a young mother's magazine. It's beauty is in it's authenticity.I love you so much honey...Mom

  5. I too, tried to leave a comment on your pair/pear post. Just wanted to say I love you Sweetie, and that Spring will come, and with it, her JOY and BEAUTY and WARMTH and LOVE. It always has and always will.

    HUGS Auntie Val


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