Monday, April 5, 2010



It seems as though the month of March got away from me.
We've been busy sewing I guess.

I wanted to let you know that One Yard Wonders is coming out with a new book and they are taking projects if you are interested in submitting one.

This time they are focusing on original projects that use one yard of fabric, but that are specifically suited to fabrics, say...other then quilting cottons.
Get all the details here. (and hurry...the deadline is soon!)

I am submitting 2 projects...
we'll see what happens.

At any rate, Happy April.


  1. i'm so sad that we didn't get to see you while we were in ut! how is it that mark and trav were able to have a playdate but we weren't?!i hope that avery's choosing to sew nude means that you sew that way as well!
    what things have you been sewing? my projects this past month has been nothing more than attending to the pile of mending that has been piling up over the past year or so. boring.

  2. Oh, I am laughing so hard! Such a cute photo. Can't wait to hear what you are submitting. Something amazing I am sure!

  3. Oh my gosh. Best picture ever.

  4. Cute. This is where Nikes come from. Workmanship is variable, but I love my Nikes.

  5. I could just die about this picture. I mean, really!? How perfect. She is her mother in mini form :) Is it strange that I want to chew on her? haha.


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