Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pregnant, Poppy, & Protein


I'm 26 weeks pregnant, and here is my giant belly to prove it.
I am feeling fairly great these days. Always tired, but that's normal right?
I LOVE feeling all those little baby kicks. After I had Avery I was so happy that she had been born perfect and healthy, but I really missed feeling her little kicks inside. In fact, I felt phantom kicks for weeks afterward and had to remind myself that there was no baby in my belly anymore (has that happened to anybody else?) Baby kicks were one of the things I was looking forward to the most this time around. And I like them a lot. And I sure like having this much time to enjoy pregnancy without nausea. Its like a whole new world.

I made this poppy when I was 20 weeks pregnant to celebrate the half-way point (there is at least a 6 week lag time on my blogging efforts these days). Not that I am wishing pregnancy away, but I was desperate for some kind of creative outlet and diversion from the remodel chaos.

I saw this tutorial awhile back and used it to make my own happy little poppy boutonniere to adorn my bumpy body.
(and to be honest it looked a little better 6 weeks ago, but you know...Avery likes to wear it too!)


As I was leaving Ikea with a screaming Avery under one arm (she really likes going to "kea" and did not want to leave) and a giant diaper bag and armful of stuff under the other, I saw this girl who was wearing stilettos with her jeans, and was sauntering in. And I laughed a bit to myself, wondering what she must think of me, and because I used to be a girl who wore heals with jeans. And thought that despite the fact that my maternity jeans were creeping down my bum at the moment, I wouldn't change a thing about how my life is turning out.
Except maybe I'd like to wear flowers on my shirt more often.

I passed my glucose screen for gestational diabetes. Which is really exciting for me after dealing with it my last pregnancy.
Unfortunately, regardless of what the test says, I still seem to be quite sensitive to carbohydrates during this pregnancy, especially in the morning. I am ZONKED and dizzy by 10 am if I even look at cereal for breakfast. I learned during my last pregnancy what foods made me feel the best throughout the day. Protein in the morning!


Which means that Today;
I am boiling eggs outside on our portable BBQ,
because we STILL have no kitchen to speak of.
And I am reminding myself of my mantra these days,
"I can do hard things!"
Except, cooking outside under an apple tree on a bright gorgeous fall day,
is not really a hard thing at all.
Even with a giant belly.


  1. cute shirt!

    i hope the weather stays nice until your kitchen get's finished! boiling eggs in the snow sounds less fun.

    your tummy seems little. tell baby brother to fatten up and save some kicks for me.


  2. you look so cute!

    i had the phantom kicks after asher but not after miriam. weird huh.

  3. I still get phantom-kicks every so often. Which is wierd.

    So glad you are less sick this time.:)

  4. Darling belly, darling blouse and poppy. I love the color combination. Glad you are feeling well,and I think your belly is small too. OX, Mom


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