Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christmas Yarn Decorations

There are so many forms available to wrap yarn around! I found these cones right next to the foam balls at the craft store. I may just make a whole forest of these as a centerpiece?

And since you'll certainly have a few yards of yarn leftover, why not tie up a few Christmas gifts? (Yes! I am already thinking about how I want to wrap Christmas presents...its the funnest part!) Spray starch a doily and tuck it in for some added frill.

And the best part is... yarn+glue= fun for little hands.

Are you dreaming of Christmas yet?


  1. Yay! An Avery photo! That's what I dream about!

    Cute decorations!

  2. Cute picture of Avery. Congratulations on the guest-tutorial! Hope your not disappointed by the way I (don't) wrap presents. :)

  3. Way creative! I love those! I am going to wrap some presents with those this Christmas for sure!

  4. Again, loving it. I am all about minimalistic decor...although I often get carried away when it comes to glitter :)

  5. I found your site through craftgawker and wanted to let you know, its never to early to plan for christmas!


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