Thursday, October 21, 2010

So...I spoiled the Smock

So do you ever get an idea in your head that you are just sure will work out beautifully? Yeah me too.

I've mentioned that I love using ripstop nylon to make the "Mustn't Spoil Your Frock Smock", but I was trying to come up with a way to jazz it up a bit since it comes mostly in solid colors.

So...I thought creating designs using fabric paint and food as stamps would be perfect! I mean it is a bib after all. Oh I thought I was clever!

So I cut up all my veggies, and admired their pretty shapes.

Then dipped them in paint and tested them out on a piece of paper first.

And they looked...exactly like mustard stains.
Just messy ugly mustard stains. (They looked even worse on the actual fabric).

Oh well... a plain white smock it is, I decided.

And then, my darling little helper (who I really try to get involved in these sorts of projects) who had busied herself with a pair of fabric scissors, announced with a certain amount of pride, "Look mom...I did a patter-en!" And held up her handy work.

She'd sliced clean through the pocket of the smock I'd just sewn!

you win some-- you lose some.



  1. Well. Put a big bow over it ;).

  2. That is what the zig zag stitch was invented for. Or patches. Or strapping tape.

    Love the celery roses.

  3. In the Avery in my purse video, I noticed the scissors on the end table. Wondered how long that would be safe !!

    Love the celery roses, too !!!

  4. Saw this on craftgawker, great story! Yep, some ideas look so perfect in your mind. I have the same kind of little helper. Instead of scissors we've had some glitter episodes!

  5. I laughed so hard at that story. I can just hear Avery saying that!
    You were the same kind of little helper.I had just trimmed your hair and you got the scissors and cut a huge chunk out of the middle of your bangs. It took a long time for them to grow out.
    Save the bib for Avery, she will treasure that little "project" and the story that goes with it.OX,Mom

  6. I have to say too Danielle, that your photo of the cut up vegetables it beautiful.OX, Mom

  7. What fun! I'm going to try this with my art students!!


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