Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stocking Stuffer

Our hearts are sure full this Christmas. And despite the fact that we are sick (b00) and quite tired, we are reveling in the blessings we feel in our lives. I can hardly believe we have 2! sweet children to love.

I held off on posting this photo because I was hoping we'd have a name to along with it. I know our family and friends would sure like to know what to call this little guy, but I am afraid we just haven't settled on one yet!

The thing about naming a baby is that it just seems no matter how much you like the sound of a name, or its meaning, or the family history associated with it,

when compared to this amazing, sweet, perfect little being you are giving it to...
nothing ever seems quite good enough to capture all that.

Anyway, we'll settle on one soon enough.

For now, we are just so grateful for our little family, and couldn't have asked for a sweeter Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Just adorable Danielle, he looks so much like Trav.OX, Mom

  2. Yea!!!! Congrats Danielle. He is a beautiful baby. You can say that about boy babies, right? I think he looks just like you. Good luck with the naming and Merry Christmas!

  3. Cutest picture ever! I'm so glad you captured that!

  4. So I think he looks like daddy, at least in this pic. Can't wait to meet him!

  5. I'm a little behind in blogging, so congratulations on your darling baby!

  6. So cute! I am glad he is finally here so you guys can enjoy him! Can't wait to come meet him too!

  7. all of your newest pictures are so beautiful and what a handsome little man! I love the name Oliver. My sister Alicia named her little boy Oliver and he's now "Ollie man" :)


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