Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

Avery is quite distressed that we keep the eggs in the fridge and insists "but we need a keep 'em warm!"

I promise to stop posting pictures of eggs but have you ever seen an egg like this? We have 2 breeds of chickens--Rhode Island Red who lay brown eggs, and Araucana who lay these beautiful green ones. We just got our first green egg yesterday.

Come Easter, we may just skip the dye.

Oh and this little girl-- tickles me to no end!

I seriously took 100 pictures of her hoping to get maybe one where she was not making a silly face (don't get me wrong...I LOVE the silly faces... but for the sake of variety) and looking at the camera. Turns out its not possible.

Avery delights me with her effervescent fun personality. She is her own little self for sure!


  1. that first pic is precious and perfect. love it.

  2. I just bought some eggs at a farm here in Corvallis...and I got some green ones in there, too! They are so pretty.

    Love Avery's silly faces.

  3. Green Eggs and Ham! Laughing! I love that title!

    I like the pouty face. Cracks me up. Have you eaten any eggs yet? How does Avery feel about that?

    Thanks for posting these! Nothing better than a couple pictures to get a grandmas day off to a good start!

  4. Your children are beautiful.
    I can't help but notice the quality and clarity of your photos...I am SO tired of my "grainy/red-eyes/can't capture the cuteness of my kids" camera. I'm pretty sure you have a fancy DSLR Nikon or Cannon one...but do you have any other camera recommendations that are in the 3-5 hundred dollar range?
    Oh my! I'm entirely discounting the photographer who took these lovelies!!! I KNOW that has a lot to do with it too :) Your blog always looks SO polished and professional thanks to the crisp/colorful photos. Well done, D :)

  5. ok, this is funny cause she would NOT look at me when i got the camera out at the aquarium! it was like all smiles til the camera came out and then she would hide. too much paparazzi i guess...

  6. I think Avery just misses swimming with her grandpa! I know i miss swimming with her!!!


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