Monday, January 24, 2011

Huzaah! An Egg!

Do you remember the chickies we got this spring? Well they finally started laying eggs.

It turns out we had a thing or two to learn about raising chickens (which is all part of the fun). Our chickens were quite wild and though chickens aren't supposed to fly, and though we got them a perfectly nice warm home, every night they'd fly up into the big trees next to our house.

So, during a particularly cold stretch a few weeks ago (we were fearing for their lives) we wrangled them up and locked them in their house, and it seems this may have domesticated the little ladies for low and behold Trav discovered that beauty on Friday. And we've had one or two every day since.

(Trav and David doing some manly farm-work)

And now, at last, the little house is their home. So we clipped their wings (don't worry we consulted professionals first) and they will fly no more, but instead spend their evenings nestled inside.

I feel a little guilty about taking away their freedom. But I am thrilled to not have chicken poop all over my front porch (their favorite spot to hang out in the day) any more.

We were laughing about the fact that between the cost of the birds, their house, and all the chicken feed, that little egg was pretty expensive.

But this...

(safety glasses were because Trav was using some tools to fix up the chicken first! And the hat is because she was dressed by her father.)

is priceless.

And an egg... feels a little like a miracle.


  1. oh danielle--I am so envious. I love this post. is it weird that chickens are one of my "someday dreams"?

  2. Rachael...
    No way! not weird at all. They were one of my someday dreams too;)

  3. i really love that avery is wearing safety glasses? while feeding the chickens :)

  4. Can't wait to see the little chickies!

  5. ella wants to know "why is she wearing her sunglasses in that chickie picture. why? why? why?"

  6. Ha ha. I was thinking Travis COULD have put her in her squirrel hat purchased by her Grandfather. Seriously, it could be worse.

    And I beaming with pride about the safety glasses. I agree. Safety first. Love it. (Although I remember hollering myself silly for Marc and the kids to put on safety glasses when they were using tools. That pretty much all fell on deaf ears.)

  7. Great job guys!

    I like the hat and glasses. My grandpa had an assortment of beanies, shirts and jackets we would put on to work when we visited.

  8. Cute post, glad to see the little golf hat is getting some use. Avery looks like she is having fun. OX, Mom

  9. Hi! I just found your lovely blog through No Big Dill's Once Upon a Thread and your lovely project-- I couldn't stop myself from commenting on this--I want to raise chickens so badly! How exciting for you and your family =) Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I'm looking forward to being a reader from now on! =)


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