Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keeping Shop

So if you are just here to learn about making rolled fabric flowers then you won't care about this...

but if you happen to be related to me, I just thought I'd mention I added a button to connect to our other blog. I took down all my links to other blogs awhile back because I am horrible at keeping them up to date and with so many friends and family who now have blogs I just figured it was better to have no links than a few outdated ones.


Anyway...I added a button for your clicking pleasure just in case you don't get enough about my children in your lives, and would like to easily visit over there.

It's a private blog and if you'd like to have access (and you know us in real life...or at least well enough in cyber-life to have convinced me you aren't creepy) email me (daniellebwilson (at) and I'll add you to the list so you can access it.

It's mostly photos of my kids with messy hair doing naughty things.



  1. P.S. I can never get enough of your kids' blog !! I am so happy that you can find the time--just for us.

  2. dude, you best be sending me an invite!


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