Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are You Watching?

Are you watching the Royal Wedding? I don't normally get into things like this but for some reason I am totally into it. Maybe it was all the High Tea my mom took us to as children. Or TLC's Royal wedding week, and the morning news coverage that I might have been watching nonstop?

Cucumber sandwiches-- bring em on. I don't like the smoked salmon ones (which might be heresy since I am from Oregon).

But you know what I do like....

Clotted Cream.

It's like a mix between butter and whipped cream, and yes it tastes as good as it sounds. I will be eating maybe a whole jar of it by myself, atop fresh scones, while I watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow morning. I am crazy enough to get up and watch it live but fear for the safety of my children with that little sleep. Tivo it is for me.



  1. i don't have dvr and am seriously considering getting up to watch it. i'm nuts.

  2. We are totally watching it. Jane and Katie are coming up, and we are staying up all night. I made a 20 page contest form (11x17 paper). We are competing about what the dress will look like, what hats everyone will be wearing, what the bouquet will look like, etc. After we make all our predictions, we will watch and see if we are right. The one with the most right predictions will win a really good prize. I so wish you were here!

  3. LOL,that's my girl!I've been up all night watching too.I can't wait for the 2 hour special tonight.
    You were old enough to remember well our trip to Scotland and England,tea at the Ritz,hat shopping and tea at Harrods,tennis and tea at Wimbledon.The English are so civilized,who else would serve tea sandwich's on snack trays and give you your own little tea pot to take back to the stands,along with strawberries and cream?
    At Avery's age, you always had your little fingers in the butter,so of course you love clotted cream!OX, Mom

  4. Wedding Crashers!! Aunt Sarah and I showed up at Lord and Lady Wilson's at midnight bearing minks, gloves, tiaras, tea cups, official royal wedding cake, homemade scones with clotted cream, and William and Kate paperdolls. Oh Dearies, we had SO MUCH FUN. And we mentioned a number of times that we wished you were there, Danielle!! P.S. Dame Jane royally beat the pjs off us and took the prize. Note to Alex: there was NO WAY the bride was going to wear a sapphire necklace and ruby earrings. What are you, a commoner?

  5. I am loving these comments!!

    I DVR'd it and Aunt Joan, Mary Anne, and Melis came this afternoon to watch it. We had scones with clotted cream and jam from Black Sheep (have you been there? such a fun pub in Ashland). Love love loved it all...

  6. I was obsessed with TLC this week too. My husband was more than a bit sick of it by Wednesday...but I think Kate looked beautiful and I was amazed at her dress. It was so lovely!


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