Friday, October 7, 2011

In real life

My eyelid (or possibly tear duct?) is infected and I look like Quasimoto. Don't sleep with your contacts in kids. Your eyes might get infected. Or you will be grounded from them and have to wear your ugly glasses to school. That's what my dad who happens to be an ophthalmologist used to say to my sister when we were little. (And by the's true about him coaching Pop Warner football for all those years...and also comically, the leverage he tried to use to get me to move back home... "If you move to Medford I could coach your kids Pop Warner team...") It's true. I'm proof. Only I don't have to wear my glasses to school but Avery broke them so I do have to wear them around taped together. Maybe time for a new pair?

Do you think I could get real lenses put in these? I tried them on at Urban Outfitters the other day and found myself trying to pinpoint the exact moment when I turned old enough that I became slightly uncomfortable embracing new trends. Or worrying that other people will think I am silly. Like, "Oh look at the poor 30 year old lady thinking she is hip enough to pull that off". When did that happen to me? Was it the actual day I turned 30 or has it been a slow and steady thing. Or is it just that I am just old enough to be aware that people might think I am silly now-- whereas I used to just be blissfully unaware that people thought I was silly?

Either way, I think I'd just like to go back to that place where I didn't care.

I feel a midlife crisis coming on and it might involve hipster glasses. And a Ukulele.

This is happening. (Isn't that what the hip kids are saying?).

Also, speaking of eyeballs we've been up to ours in our garden produce. I am thrilled and also a little overwhelmed. 9 pepper and 8 tomato plants might have been excessive. It's supposed to snow (!!!) tonight and despite all that I've already preserved, I just can't stand letting all those still on the vines go to waste.

So I am going to try to drag my sorry face out in the chilly wet day and pick garden fresh produce and then pile it on my counter where it will likely sit for several days and make me feel bad about myself for not being more productive. But it will be arranged in rainbow order so there's that...

Since I know you're curious....

Yep it's my swollen eye complete with no makeup, taken at an unflattering angle and augmented by the fact that my jolly laughing darling babe was up almost all night screaming/nursing due to teething pains.
I sent this to my dad this morning so he could diagnose me via internet.

And it looks worse in real life.

Also, don't tell my dad that I am still not entirely sure I will let my son play football (despite his obvious build for it).


  1. maybe i want a pair of black rimmed glasses too, except i don't have to wear prescription glasses at where you would just be cute and trendy, i would just be a wannabe. get them!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry! I know how it is to have an infected (actually it was blocked with a piece of sand) tear duct. You actually look amazingly good! I couldn't even open my eye there was all sorts of stuff coming out of it. See, look (not pun intended) on the brightside!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. And you could totally pull off something trendy. Go for it.

  3. The only wrinkle I see is in that produce!

  4. I can't stop watching that video. Speaking of eyes, Ollie you need to give your Dad's back!

  5. You're right LeAnn...I guess you can't actually see the wrinkled because the aperture is set too low so they are blurry. I can just see them because I know they are there.

  6. I am so sorry about your eye. I was there last weekend. I had a reaction to some meds and my eye puffed beyond recognition....and it itched and hurt so bad.

    Eye things are not fun....:(

    But your produce looks beautiful!

  7. Pish posh, girl, you are HOT! (Okay, clearly I don't know what "cool" people are saying these days either.)

    Seriously though, you can definitely pull off glasses like that!

    I'm so sorry about your eye...I had a Quasimodo eye this summer too (from some unknown allergy). I hope the swelling goes down soon!

  8. maybe you're tired because you watched 3 kids all day yesterday...

    I think the cool kids are saying, "I know. Right?" Or just "right" at the end of everything.

    I know you said it was your contacts, but is your eye sore because you looked into the laser yesterday? They have the protective goggles for a reason!

  9. i got one of those things a few weeks ago too. mom got some great pictures of me with no make up in my bathrobe with my stye (sp?) also. oddly enough i had not been wearing my contacts at all.

    and on the glasses note, i think you should ask your husband, who about two years ago was making fun of "hipsters wearing 60s frames". but i say go for it.


  10. Cute post sweetie, loved seeing Olli laughing so hard,he is irresistible.
    Sending you that article on drying tomatoes.OX, Mom

  11. Oh, gosh, LeAnn is right. When I see Oliver sometimes I think it is baby Travis.

    I hope your eye is getting better Danielle, and I love the rainbow order garden bounty!


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