Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Ballet Slippers

For the record, my son is not wearing ballet slippers in the photo from yesterday as my father so kindly suggested. He is wearing these. And I think they are the cutest little boys shoes I have ever seen. I got them in 2 sizes (because apparently I have gotten over the angst I had with Avery about spending this much on shoes for a baby).

But if he were wearing ballet slippers, that would be fine too. Dad.

Thanks for all the birthday advice. Mostly what those comments did for me was make me realize that I did not fully convey the filthiness of my house, and to more appropriately communicate my guilt about the whole thing I should have shown a photo of my kitchen (like, it was you-can't-walk-in-bare-feet messy) rather than an extreme closeup of my kids in their cute jammies. In fact something you should know about me if you don't know me in real life, is that my life is nowhere as pretty as it looks on this blog...I have just gotten good at taking super close-up photos that crop out all the mess. And frankly I'd like to think that the odd angles at which I am sometimes forced to take photos to exclude messes is what makes them interesting. No?

Also you made me feel like my gifts were just fine and for that I thank you. I should probably say that he liked them and thought they were great. I think what I was trying to say was that gift giving was more fun when we had no money because buying something was a sacrifice, and that's what made it special. You "the Gift of the Magi".

Anyway... maybe he will be getting socks for Christmas after all. Or maybe we'll have a "Magi Christmas".

Except I kind of really want a new iphone...


  1. That "We Love Daddy" picture is fabulous Danielle, great photography!
    I enjoyed your post as well...OX, Mom

  2. I love all your posts lately! They are so fun to read. My pumpkins only got to be golf ball size, so maybe next year I should plant them WAY earlier. ;) Oh, and if you want the most delicious pizza without having the stone have got to try making them in the bbq! It is our favorite. My brother in law served his mission in Italy, and he says they are the closest the crust comes to tasting authentic...straight from the 500 degree stone pizza oven. :)

  3. Whose kitchen isn't cleaner on their blog? Unless they are doing an "I am so real, look at my messy kitchen" post.


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