Monday, October 17, 2011


We planted pumpkins in our garden, and they grew.

It was our first year having a real garden (which I meant to write more about but with all those tomatoes...who has time?) so quite naturally we were thrilled with the abundance.

We love them, even if they are too small (mostly) to carve. Next year we are planting these.

Also, thanks for all for your excitement and well wishing for my little doll and my eye. You guys are nice. Thanks for being so nice. And for reading my blog.

My little Matryoshka arrived home safe and sound. I laughed when I opened the giant FedEx box she came in and undid the layers of bubble wrap. All that for a little stuffed doll. Those sweet folks at BHG sure treated her well. Ollie promptly put her in his mouth and then face down into the dirt.

Also...are you watching Oprah's life class? I am, and its kind of rocking my world. sarcastic remarks about Oprah.


  1. I better start watching Oprah's life class. Then we can compare notes. Love the pumpkins! Ella wants to go to the pumpkin patch--maybe we can just come over :)

  2. You totally read my mind about Oprah.

    Nice garden! You know you can make a flower vase out of a hollowed-out pumkin? You probably did. I bought one pre-made the other day. That may be the only crafts suggestion I ever make.

    Still, about Oprah.....I just don't understand.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I planted pumpkins about three years ago and got a ton of beautiful amazing pumpkins. The next year... not so much. Guess what I just found out? Pumpkins cannot be grown in the same soil but once every three years!!! I so totally did not know that.

    I never watch Oprah but I'm starting to think I'm missing out.


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