Thursday, December 1, 2011

My next 30 Years

I needed a photo of myself for something the other day and realized as I scrolled through my iphoto, that there are none. Like not one.

So I put my hair in a high pony, handed the camera to my nearly four-year-old daughter, and had her shoot away. She was thrilled since she is always wanting to play with my camera anyway. Little Ollie was so excited by the commotion that he toddled up to me giggling and grabbed my face to suck on my cheek (his version of a kiss!) She snapped away and of course those are my favorite (most are blurry and way off center but sweet nonetheless). I am just sad that there aren't more of those little moments captured with my kids.

I turn 31 today (so I am officially "in my thirties"), and I am vowing:

In my next 30 years-- I am going to take more pictures with my kids.

Even if I have to pay somebody to do it.

And also not stay up so late.

And today I am going to celebrate myself with some new boots. Happy Birthday to me ;).


  1. Happy Birthday! You look great!

  2. whoa where do i start! you look so pretty in that picture! and your hair looks super thick and healthy and i like whatever that shirt is you're wearing AND that's a handsome baby boy if i've ever seen one. also HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i guess your present hasn't come yet. but i know you will love it when it does! can't wait to see these boots. xo

  3. You do look like a babe in that picture!

    Shucks, I miss you so bad. I spent many a cold, wintery, almost time for finals, birthday cake sent by your mom that said 'Happy bday Bellie boo' birthday with you. I am so lucky.

    love love love

  4. Didn't we vow to do that? Today. When you come over I am taking your picture. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!! i hope you have an amazing day!!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! (And I love the new boots to celebrate..)

  7. I love the picture. Love it. Maybe Avery is inheriting your talent as a photographer.

    I am glad you did this. If you look through our family pictures I basically don't exist.

    I hope your birthday is happy. Can't wait to see the boots.

    Love you,

  8. Cute, cute picture!
    I'd love to see the boots - looking for some myself.

    Miss you. Happy Day!

  9. happy birthday, danielle!! i hope you had a wonderful day. good luck with the sleep thing...i'm in the same boat there!

  10. Happy birthday! What a beautiful photo!

  11. This picture will probably be one of Oliver's favorites of his lifetime.

    When Mom died, I was physically sick when I realized I had more pictures of the flowers in Hawaii than I did of her. And now, I find out my nieces/nephews will have the same heartache. Good thing Jane has her camera out at all times, so the last half of Colleen will get recorded. Thank you, Danielle, for realizing that you need to turn the camera around so Avery and Oliver will not feel that loss!

  12. Happy birthday you lovely lady! You look fantastic (I love your bangs!). We have made it a goal to take more context/adult pictures in general because in looking through the last few years, it looks like our children raised themselves.

  13. Happy birthday! Love the picture and your goal to be in pictures with your kids. :)

  14. What a great photo! Yes, it is well worth the $$ to pay someone to take family photos of all of you together. We do this religiously every 6 months (we may back off to every year once T gets older and changes less quickly).

    Since I'm usually the family photographer, we never have casual photos with me in them. Hence hiring someone else to do it.

    You can usually find a student or someone trying to get more experience who can do a short shoot for less $ if that's an issue.


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