Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This was actually a card we got from Alex and Jane last year but its so stinking cute its part of the permanent rotation. Avery keeps it by her books and asks to "read it" from time to time.

Otherwise...Valentines Day pretty much means lots of heart-shaped foods.

Ollie carried this balloon in his little bear paws every single place we went yesterday. No exaggeration. Costco...check. Grocery store...check...Avery's preschool..check. Bathtub...check. was pretty cute.

Hope you had a lovely heart-day.


  1. That is a darling card that Jane made,so original.

    Ollie is looking so grown up and has so much hair! And he looks so much like Jane in that picture.
    OX, Mom

  2. Oh, crack me up!!! Taking that balloon in the bath tub.

  3. That Oliver is so so cute.

    I was just thinking that I didn't make Avery & Ollie another card this I'm glad to know that the old one is still in rotation! Maybe I can think up something for Avery's birthday...hmm.


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