Friday, March 16, 2012

Checking in

Ollie has been a busy busy boy lately. He fell (was chased by his sister) off the bed last week and got a wicked bump on his head. Which meant I spent all week carefully analyzing his behavior for fear of a latent brain hemorrhage. (Don't worry doctors were involved in all of this too... But that didn't make me any less crazy). He's fine now. Busy hiding my wallet from me, trying to sneak a sip of coke, "Was sis cah?", throwing things away that aren't trash, and climbing up onto everything dangerous. He still cries every day when trav goes to work, is obsessed with toothbrushes, and is so excited to roam around outside.

His hair is getting longer and curlier (but only in the back) and so help me, I can't cut it. I've only ever given Avery one tiny trim. I don't know... It's a disorder I'm sure.

He gets funnier and more darling every day. We love our boy.


  1. The doctors involved might have made it more crazy...

  2. Really enjoyed all the new pics honey. Love you all, Mom

  3. Glad to see that little guy is feeling better! I'm pretty sure I spotted that penguin sweater at H&M yesterday...awesome.

  4. Yay! Ollie pictures! I am so glad his noggin is ok. So scary.

    I pushed Aunt LeAnn off the bed when we were little and she split her eyebrow open and had to have stitches. I still feel bad when I see the scar. (don't know why I shared that - just trying to relate I guess-ha)

    And by the way, that last picture looks so much like Travis when he was that age it freaked me out.

  5. aw i love that boy! such a sweet little heart. so glad he's feeling good enough to be back to his old tricks. and cute tights, we might have the same ones in black!

  6. In fairness to Colleen, we were playing "king of the bed" when she pushed me off. You kids probably think your Mom doesn't have a competitive streak! The picture of Ollie sucking on the pop bottle is the one that freaked me because it looks like Travis.

  7. With so we've never cut Azriella's hair either! Its down to her hips now! I have been thinking she may need bangs at the very least because her hair is always in her face. And Sephira hair is sooo long, I can put it in ponytail, well a tiny one;-).
    He is so cute!! It's funny he has blue eyes too when you both don't! Sephira is the same. Completely pleasantly surprised to have a baby with blue eyes!!
    Oh! And I adore his little Tom's! I didn't know they made baby shoes!!! Must get a pair!

  8. Massive head bumps, check!
    Throwing away non-trash, check!
    Hiding wallet, check!
    Climbing up on everything, check!
    Obsessed with outside, check!
    Owner of gray Tiny Toms, check!

    I don't know if a Nico-Ollie combo next week is going to be a good thing or a bad thing . . .

  9. Right this very minute Carter has monster jammies and forehead bruises to match :)

  10. Oh, I love love love that you aren't cutting your boy's hair, either! My son is 21 months old, curl party in the back, but the top/front is a bit slower to catch up...and curly mullet and all, I can't bear to cut it! So glad to hear of another aboard this train! :)


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