Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Avery's 4th Birthday Party

(I made this little e-invite using my rudimentary Illustrator skills)

Avery turned 4 in April and for the first year really wanted a proper party with friends. So we had one.  One of the things I was most excited about when we moved into the little town where we live, was this cute gazebo (gazeezob according to Avery) in the park at the center of town. It's totally reminiscent of Star's Hallow right?... and who doesn't want to live there. Plus there are swings and slides so it seemed like the perfect venue to entertain a bunch of 4 year-olds.

(All or most of the photos are by Jane Wilson...thanks Jane!)

The weather was beautiful (you never know in April...it snowed the day she was born) and was actually quite hot.

Trav's whole family happened to be in town for BYU graduation, which was lucky for us as they did most of the setting up, taking down work. Thanks guys. And sorry.

They also filled about 200 water balloons meant for a super organized and thrilling water balloon toss game, but instead (since they are 4) they just started chucking them at trees and uncle Alex, and had burned through them in minutes. Way more fun.

Avery really wanted a "My Little Pony" party, but I got away with just a pony pinata, which was really entertaining as it turns out. Do you see that death look on her face? 4 year olds swinging bats and beating a pony to death = good time had by all. Plus there was candy.

They also played pin the tail on the donkey which was frankly kind of a fail...but Avery really wanted to do it, and was happy that she got to. So... there's that.

I think maybe the biggest hit of the party was when we made ice cream in baggies. It's super easy, takes a few minutes, functions as a treat and activity, and its fun. Plus it was really hot out. Win.

Sort of becoming a tradition are these Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes, which remain the best I've ever had, but I opted for the mini's this year and was kind of disappointed. They are tiny and don't cost much less than the regular sized ones. So next time, big cupcakes it is!

Overall it was a fun time. If we do a party again next year, I think I'd make it one hour instead of two, and just have less structure and more free play. In the end I think they had the most fun playing on the playground anyway.

And maybe have it at home so we don't have to lug all the stuff to the park.

(with her friend Zoe... here they are at One... It's fun to see how they've changed)

Thanks to everyone who came and helped, and Thanks Jane for taking all the photos!


  1. Okay, her cute little red-nailed hand on Zoe's shoulder is killing me. Everything was so beautiful, as usual!

  2. Yay! Looks like it was a perfect party for a sweet 4 year old. I cannot believe that little girl is 4, I feel like I was just holding her in the hospital. Getting teary now. Miss you!

  3. Happy birthday, Avery! What a cute, fun party! Em won't let me call her a "little girl" since her fourth birthday, she is a "big girl" now. I have taken to snuggling her longer in her bed as a result. Once last week I even snuggled in with her after she was already sleeping. Sigh.

  4. I can't believe she is only four. During Project Run and Play I took her for being at least five. You had quite a model for a three year old. I didn't start following you until that season was over and I realized I had voted for you every week.

  5. Happy Birthday Dear Avery,

    really love your pic with your friend
    very lovely birthday party you had.


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