Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This is exactly how I felt about the Twilight movies too.
My sister in law Jane giving her take.


  1. really funny! i watched the most recent one with my sister-in-law once it got to redbox and it was just painful! i seriously had to look away i was so embarrassed and then i wanted that hour and a half of my life back. good thing i was painting a piece of furniture at the same time so it wasn't a total waste!

    and i wanted to say that i feel the exact same way about boys vs girls clothes. i have a WAY easier time dressing Charlie... though his clothes aren't as cute as Ollie's... poor Lucy just struggles in the wardrobe department!

  2. LOL - i haven't seen them; didn't want to see them;. Nice to know it was wisdom at work! THanks for sharing and I'll bet the furniture looks great!


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