Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rain Dance


The skies open up and rain such a good hard rain,

That you can't help but dance around in it,  not minding if your clothes get soaked,

Or better-- in no clothes at all,

And suddenly,

Everything that seemed hard about that day,

Is washed away,

And you can't help thinking--

That it was just for you. 


  1. So sweet Danielle! I think it would have been so hard for me to have let this happen (naked or fully clothed playing in rain and puddles), but once you let go and just enjoy the moment, you realize it's the kind of memory you want your whole life to be filled with. Super sweet pictures.

  2. oh, i love your photos always. and it's good you have two beautiful little ones that share your so-oregonian love of rain! ;)

  3. I just have to say thank you for the beautiful photos and the inspirational post. After a miserable day, it's good to put things in perspective and your words helped me do that. I'm off to hug my two little ones who are almost the same age as yours...thanks again.

  4. Darling post and pictures honey, just beautiful!OX, Mom

  5. mmm, such sweet kiddos! i bet they will have fond memories of this.


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