Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Boy

Gives me kisses on the mouth when he leaves my side, or the room.
Climbs on my lap and strokes my face. Says, "My Momma," and hugs my neck. 
Still likes to nurse, and when he wants to, he cups my face in his hands and looks straight in my eyes and says, "PEEEESE?"
Asks "Wa Doin'?" and "Wah Doin' Now?" all day long.
Gets called a girl every time we leave the house. I know it's his hair. I'm not cutting it.
Love to ride his "bikes" more than anything.
Roars like a dinosaur.
Really likes Gotye's, "Someone That I Used to Know".  He sobbed when I tried to turn it off.
Is delightful and darling. He listens and minds (usually).
Has the softest skin I've ever felt.

I love him immensely.

And I was serious about the Gotye:


  1. What a beautiful baby boy!Those twin toes and curls remind me so much of uncle Ethan. But those blue eyes are all Olli!OX, Mom

  2. What a perfect age. My (long grown) son is locked in my heart at about that age, I still see that sweet little face. Don't tell him, lol.

  3. Love the webbed toes. I must. I have a husband who has them. :) He would always say, he can swim faster because of it. He is a FISH!!!! ^_^

  4. Hi is so adorable. I love the way he crosses his legs while watching his show. I think it's the huge lashes, more than the hair, that makes people think he's a girl. My little cousin had lashes and long curly hair too, we didn't cut his either. His little toes are so cute, I'm glad you posted a photo -- people think I'm weird for posting all these photos of my daughter's hairy ears when she was born, but to me they were so magical. I was quite sad that she lost that baby werewolf fuzz before I had a chance to make her a Wolverine costume. -- Sarvi

  5. That video was adorable. So fun to see how big he is getting.Thank you so much Danielle for taking the time to make that video and posting it.I loved it!ox, Mom

  6. love those toes! and love his goyte obsession. nellie isn't a fan but she does like lennon and maisy's cover of "call your girlfriend" if you need a break the rotation.

  7. I love every picture! Olly has my heart too. I hear he has captured Grandpa's also.

  8. My husband has the same toes, but only on one foot. He always jokes he can swim faster because of it, then I remind him that since it's only one foot he probably swims in circles;-)

  9. two of my nine kids have the same type of cute toes

  10. What a sweet boy. And it made me laugh about the Gotye song, because the Youtube video is the one and only thing my two year old is scared of. She climbs up ladders, loves stories about witches and rides down steep hills on her scooter but when she saw the Gotye video she grabbed my hands and pulled them over her eyes to hide.

  11. i love to see his fingers, his toes and his curly hair, but cant resist his back

    i have 2y o boy, and love to smell his back, not to mention kissing her neck

    they just smell sooooo lovely :))

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  13. My girls and nephews also are seriously hooked to Gotye's "Somebody I Used To Know"! The 2y.os have even joined in the singing :)

  14. Such an adorable little boy! And the toes. Just like mine. :-)


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