Friday, December 13, 2013

Nordic Noel Nightgown

Every year I plan on making the kids special Christmas pajamas, and so far--every year, I haven't. So I was glad to be included in Katy Dill's Sew All 26 sewing project, and for the boost it gave me to finish!

I chose letter "N" because it fit most perfectly with my idea for jammies this year. "Nordic, Noel, Nightgown" were the inspirational "N" words that guided my design. Originally I had planned on sewing some for Ollie too, but I didn't get to it. Poor kid. But really I couldn't have made anything cuter than the Crewcuts jammies I ordered anyway, but even with those, the little stinker refused to pose for a photo.

Nordic, or Scandinavian, style is obviously broad and varied, but often incorporates a lot of white with a few pops of bright colors and elements of nature. For Christmas in particular, decorations are often done only in white and red. I love the beautiful simplicity.

I chose a super-soft white linen, a natural fiber, for Avery's nightgown and added just a pop of bright red cotton trim to the bottom. I kept wondering if I didn't add more to the design, would it feel boring to some, but in the end I just listened to my gut-- I really wanted it to be simple. That is the beauty of it and what I love most. I also love the way the linen is just slightly sheer, so as to provide a peek at the structure of the garment, and the way it wrinkles and moves.

I drafted the pattern, using a basic raglan T-shirt pattern. I just slashed and spread across the middle front and back, and at the shoulders, and then added pleats around the neckline, which give way to the fullness of the fabric. I lowered the neckline as well, to ensure it would comfortably fit over her head, and also, because it's pretty.

Avery always gets hot at night so I kept it pretty short, plus little girl legs are the cutest!


I have loved this painting since it hung on the walls of our home as a child. The colors and shapes have always been magical to me. As I have gotten older I appreciate it even more as a link to my family heritage because it belonged to my great grand father Andrew Knaphus, who was an artist from Norway. It was fun to incorporate this art into these photos, and have it hanging in my home. I'd love to go and visit Norway someday, but until then It's special to bring bits and pieces into our home and traditions.

Hopefully we'll get a photo of both kids together in their Christmas jammies before they've grown out of them.
Merry Christmas! 


  1. She's angelic! Thanks, friend. I hope you post a photo of the two of them together in their pajamas.

  2. wow, so beautiful! i love your style. simple colors + a dramatic silhouette = perfection. i hope you make some pajamas for Ollie, too! Rae's parsley pants take less than an hour and would be great for pajama pants...just sayin... ;)

  3. This turned out lovely! Way to follow your gut!

  4. I love this. It is perfect exactly as it is. You are correct-little girl legs are the cutest!

  5. I adore this!...and you! Avery is such a doll as well. Love it when you sew. :)

  6. This is so beautiful. And Katy is right- she does look angelic!

  7. I love it when you post. So beautiful as always. Your aesthetic is just my favorite - I go back to your old posts for inspiration! Thanks. :)

  8. So beautiful! Merry Christmas to you!

  9. May I kiss that bandaid toe!?!?!

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