Friday, November 12, 2010

Craft Dilemma

So I have been really thinking/wanting to try my hand at felting. I had envisioned a multicolored felt-ball garland to swag among my new stockings. I have seen tutorials here and there and it seems that needle felting looks pretty time consuming but the hot water kind...might be doable.

And then I saw this perfect garland that looks EXACTLY (I mean down to the colors and everything) like I was imagining, at Anthropologie yesterday! And now I am I cough up the steep Anthro asking price, or do I spend the time to make it myself? And after I buy all the supplies...would it even be cheaper?

Does this dilemma ever happen to you?

By the way... if you love these stockings as much as I do, they are sale right now and have free shipping! Argh...I should have waited to buy mine. Maybe I'll get a few more.


  1. Depending on their return policy they might do a price adjustment. It doesn't hurt to call and ask.

    Felting is pretty expensive. Especially with adding in all of the different colors. You might be better off buying it, especially since it's exactly what you want. Good luck with your decision!

  2. i have come across this dilemma before and pretty much every time it would be more expensive for me to make it myself. which i find annoying - you'd think it wouldn't! if you want to learn felting then i would say the knowledge is worth the price though.

  3. I vote buy the decoration.

    Once my friend Patty and I spend over a hundred dollars to recreate some twenty-five dollar little Christmas trees we had seen at a Christmas craft show. I always think of that now when I consider doing a craft.

    Unless of course, you just feel like "making". I get the urge to make sometimes, and the cost isn't really the issue.

  4. It happens ESPECIALLY often to me with Anthro. But here's the thing: Just think about WHY their garland is so much cheaper than one you'd make. AND, if you get all the supplies, you'd probably have enough left over to make another one for whichever friend gushes loudest over your creation. Also, I'm pretty sure you could get your material from a thrift store for pretty cheap. I've heard of people felting the wool from old sweaters :)

  5. I say buy it! If you love it that much! It is darling.

  6. I have that dilemma all the time ... and it usually ends up costing more to make it myself.

    The Anthro garland (which I'm currently obsessing about) is one exception where I bet it could be handmade for less than the $68 price tag.

    But their garland is already made and in the perfect colors ... which (in my book, at least) is a big plus :-)

  7. i'd buy it. i'm sure i'm not alone in having too many christmas projects on my plate. sometimes you should just buy it. mary anne does a lot of felting. it does take a lot of time and money. i say buy the garland and learn to felt later. :)

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